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What are the symptoms of glomerulonephritis in life

2016-12-27 15:55
In our daily life, there are many hidden dangers, but many people have not found serious when patients know is treated, with what is glomerulonephritis symptoms? This is worth grasping, glomerulonephritis brought no small harm to the patients, suffering the health of everyone, so everyone it is necessary to correctly understand the disease, and actively treated, then life is consistent with what glomerulonephritis symptoms?
Symptoms of glomerulonephritis:
1, edema: edema often appear in the eyelids, face and lower limbs and other parts, mostly mild edema, in chronic nephritis has not yet caused uremia and less pleural effusion, ascites and other high edema.
2, abnormal changes in urine: often manifested as a moderate degree of proteinuria, urinary protein quantitation in 2g/24 hours or so, often non selective proteinuria. Gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria and urinary abnormalities of chronic nephritis, microscopic examination of more than 90% for the deformation of red blood cells, in addition to proteinuria and hematuria, can have urinary tube, volume of urine and urine osmotic pressure abnormality.
3, hypertension: generally moderate hypertension, systolic blood pressure in the 20 ~ 22.7kPa, diastolic blood pressure was 12.7 ~ 14kPa, often with diuretics and beta blockers, such as propranolol can effectively control blood pressure. Some patients with chronic nephritis with intractable hypertension, the higher the general blood pressure, the longer the duration, the more serious the disease, the prognosis is not good. There are several reasons for the following:
The increase of renin content in the blood after renal ischemia aggravated the spasm of arterioles and caused persistent hypertension. At the same time due to increased aldosterone secretion, resulting in water sodium retention and blood volume increase, further promote elevated blood pressure.
The kidney disease, renal damage, anti renal pressor substance secretion reduced, some people think that renal hypertension may be associated with renal pressor substance that forms the anti renal prostaglandin decrease, it can be used to treat hypertension due to prostaglandin prostaglandin, which has antihypertensive effect is very strong, but also to improve the effect of renal blood flow. Systemic arteriolar spasm sclerosis: renal hypertension after a long time, there may be systemic arteriolar sclerosis, arteriolar resistance increased, prompting increased blood pressure. Because of the above reasons make the incidence of persistent chronic nephritis hypertension, vasospasm and ischemia, increased renin secretion, including renal medulla damage caused by the vicious spiral, reciprocal causation, chronic nephritis refractory sustained hypertension.
Life once found to comply with the symptoms of glomerulonephritis, you must have a correct understanding and understanding, and scientific treatment, scientific treatment, to avoid missing the best treatment period, because the harm of glomerulonephritis brought too late for regrets, the more common, want to avoid the disease harm, we found early after grasp glomerulonephritis the symptoms, early treatment.
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