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What is the etiology of chronic glomerulonephritis

2016-12-27 15:48
Glomerulonephritis is a disease of a terrible kidney disease serious harm, when suffering from disease glomerulonephritis, we are not blind to treatment, suffering from a disease of glomerulonephritis, we should not neglect, to take measures as soon as possible, so that it can be a little earlier from disease glomerulonephritis get rid of torture, so let us focus on the cause of formation of glomerulonephritis is what?
Although the incidence of chronic glomerulonephritis is related to lung LV three, it is interrelated and affects each other, but it is more closely related to the spleen and kidney in chronic nephritis. Kidney water pan, inverse in the lung. Lung is not reduced. The water against the post, so that kidney deficiency and more aggravated edema. If the spleen can not fall into the water, water wet Sheng, will damage its long Yang, leading to renal failure and kidney failure, also; temperature of soil. The spleen and kidney asthenia of spleen. Also Kabuki exacerbations.
In chronic nephritis proteinuria is mainly long disappeared, its pathogenesis is spleen and kidney function of the spleen, rose clear, and weakened the function of the spleen qi can not spread around and underflow. Kidney Gushe, main gasification temperature according to the spleen yang, deficiency of kidney essence is not because of the underflow, gasification, temperature as the spleen weakened, even more, the Tianjin two spleen deficiency, see clinical proteinuria more difficult to control.
Etiology of chronic glomerulonephritis
Chronic glomerulonephritis, acute glomerulonephritis in general by and its mechanism from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, has the same place, and there is a difference. Such as acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis, its clinical manifestations are similar to acute nephritis, but it has a positive virtual side. Generally speaking, wind, damp, overwork, illness and the deficiency in the pathogenesis of all accounts for a certain position.
External wind evil attack, homes in the lung. Lung loses xuanjiang, no way, so that the wind water resistance, Feng Shui Bo, flush skin, hair edema.
Abscess of the skin due to sore, not through digestion, Chuangdu in lung spleen, leading to water metabolism disorder. Over the skin become edema.
Diet and overstrain, damage the spleen and stomach, spleen deficiency, wet water transport company lost water stop together, overflow on the skin and edema.
Jiubingtixu, or long lesion of spleen and the LV, spleen and kidney hypofunction of spleen kidney deficiency is not water law cloth, fixed right. Bad light edema, gasification, heavy energy spillover, long the. Therefore, the treatment of chronic nephritis in the spleen and kidney function is not the key to the success or failure of treatment.
The formation causes of disease glomerulonephritis, early discovery and also reversed, if found late, there may be a serious illness, chronic glomerulonephritis is likely to turn into uremia, at that time is very serious. Can help people better avoid predisposing factors, actively take preventive measures, so that people really effectively get rid of the disease plagued by torture.
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