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Diet nursing measures of glomerulonephritis

2016-12-27 14:47
We should not ignore the disease after the treatment of glomerulonephritis, should be suffering from disease when glomerulonephritis early to treatment and care, but also the only way to be able to help our patients, early from disease, have health, so pay more attention to disease glomerulonephritis diet nursing measures what!
1, onset of 3 to 6 days, due to decreased glomerular filtration rate, will produce a transient nitrogen retention, so the need to use protein restriction diet. Can eat more fruits, vegetables, snacks, fish, meat, reduce the intake of eggs, rice, noodles and other staple food can be unrestricted.
2, edema and hypertension patients according to their differences in the basic diet limit the amount of salt; not all the salt foods such as pickles, pickles, mustard, funu, salted egg and other canned products, and according to the different degree of edema, salt, salt were used to contain or low sodium diet.
3, such as urea nitrogen more than 60mg%, daily diet protein supply to 0.5g kg-1 calculation or use of milk, eggs and other high biological quality protein to reduce the intake of nonessential amino acids. Foreign that daily consumption of 0.5 ~ 1.0kg goats'milk, not only contains high quality protein biological value, and has the effect of diuresis and detumescence, this therapy is not widely adopted. If the condition improves, the appropriate increase in protein supply, blood urea nitrogen normal protein can not be limited
4, pay attention to patients with edema and urine volume, edema severe should limit intake of water, strictly record the amount of liquid intake. At present, the daily intake of water is not explicit water loss and urine volume calculation. S.R.Williams proposed less urine intake of water limited to 500 ~ 700ml ~ d-1.
5, the acute phase of continuous oliguria, severe hyperkalemia if hyperkalemia occurs, to avoid high potassium containing foods.
6, fully supply all kinds of foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B and C food, diet should be more fruits, vegetables.
From the disease glomerulonephritis diet measures. After we finished reading the story by nephrologists have a new understanding, to understand the diet nursing measures for this disease in real life plagued by many patients, the event is not too good to be cured, understanding these diet health care measures can help patients to correct nursing care of disease, get rid of.
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