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What aspects can judge the severity of chronic nephritis?

2018-05-19 16:57

The course of the disease of chronic nephritis is a long process, and the accurate judgment of the condition directly determines the treatment method to be taken. For example, hormones and immunosuppressants are currently the main drugs for the treatment of chronic nephritis, but the side effects are obvious. If the disease is serious, they will choose to use this type of medicine. If the disease is mild, it will be of great disadvantage and will not be recommended.

What aspects can judge the severity of chronic nephritis?

Kidney puncture is the most reliable basis for judging the severity of the illness, but because there is a traumatic examination, many people are hesitant to do it. In the absence of kidney wear, what other ways can determine the severity of illness?

How much proteinuria? Not only do patients with kidney disease stare at it, but doctors are also watching. It is also seen as a measure of the severity of kidney disease. However, doctors are not judged by the number of bubbles and pluses. Instead, it was assessed by 24-hour urinary protein testing. Normal urinary protein should be less than 150mg, more than 1g to meet the standards for using hormone, if more than 3.5g, it belongs to a large amount of proteinuria, then it can be said that the condition is not light.

Whether blood pressure increased. Although hypertension is not a disease on the kidneys, elevated blood pressure will directly promote the progression of the disease. A patient with kidney disease with hypertension will have more difficult to control and get to uremia sooner than a patient with kidney disease without hypertension. Although the harm is not immediately visible, but the future troubles are endless, so there is no increase in blood pressure can also be regarded as the key to judging the severity of the disease.

Is it sensitive to hormones? The sensitivity to hormones, to a certain extent, directly determines the extent of disease control. In Western medicine, hormones are one of the main drugs for the treatment of kidney disease. If they are not sensitive to the main drugs for treatment, the development of the disease will not be controllable. If you are insensitive to hormones and you cannot find other alternative medicines at the same time, your condition will be difficult to control.

From these three aspects, we can initially determine the severity of the condition, and then according to doctors, the correct treatment, regardless of the severity of chronic nephritis is light or heavy, treatment should sooner rather than later.

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