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What Harm Does Chronic Nephritis Bring to Oneself If Pregnan

2018-03-16 20:11

Chronic glomerulonephritis itself is the body's kidney organs are damaged, and it has been invaded by high blood pressure, urine protein, occult blood for a long time. The condition may be treated for a long period of time, and the damage to the kidney caused by drugs. The body itself is in a bad state, at this time if chronic nephritis patients is pregnant, the burden on the kidney will be greater.

What Harm Does Chronic Nephritis Bring to Oneself If Pregnancy

In common, female is pregnant, kidney burden can aggravate, if control is not good, the way is improper, patient often can appear limb fatigue, dizziness vision obstacle, mental is bad, serious still possibly induces kidney failure and uremia.

As a result of increased kidney burden during pregnancy, easily induce edema-hypertension-proteinuria-syndrome, which can aggravate kidney damage, but if the symptoms of nephritis are mild, there is only a small amount of urine protein, no hypertension or diabetes, This does not easily induce the deterioration of kidney disease.

According to the degree of glomerulonephritis, there are different effects on fetal development. Those with chronic glomerulonephritis accompanied by high blood pressure, often accompanied by placental dysfunction, fetal blood supply insufficiency, may occur fetal intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth, high perinatal mortality. The fetal mortality of pregnant women with severe nephritis can reach to 50%.

Chronic glomerulonephritis patients combined with hypertension, diabetes are not suitable for pregnancy. After pregnancy, the probability of patients complicated with severe pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome reaches to 75%. When it occurs, it will cause a rapid rise in blood pressure, leading to a series of discomfort, such as dizziness, eye drops, nausea and vomiting, etc. The impact on the fetus and the pregnant woman is so great that doctors advise the patient to abort the pregnancy to ease the kidney burden, or easily lead to premature delivery and stillbirth.

If the renal function does not return to normal, the urine protein content will increase to "++" →"+++", blood urea nitrogen or creatinine will increase, this time should prevent renal failure. Such patients should not be pregnant.

Women with chronic glomerulonephritis, if their kidney function is basically normal, have a small amount of urine protein (trace or "+") and stable in a period of time, may become pregnant. However, attention should be paid to rest, increase nutrition, eat more foods containing protein, and supplement sufficient vitamins. Diet should be light, not too salty. Pay attention to increase body resistance, avoid all kinds of infections, regular examination of renal function. Each antenatal examination should check eye edema, weight gain, blood pressure, check urine protein. Patients Only have a small amount of proteinuria without increased blood pressure, should strength pregnancy health care, careful monitoring, pregnancy outcome is generally good.


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