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How to rest and exercise properly in patients with chronic n

2018-02-24 18:19

Chronic glomerulonephritis is a group of glomerular diseases with perse etiology, different pathological forms and similar clinical manifestations. The patient is also particularly critical in the treatment of diseases . Therefore, patients with nephritis weekdays must be more rest, exercise therapy varied, such as walking, cycling, swimming, jogging and so on. Patients should choose the appropriate exercise according to their physique, and under the guidance of a doctor, with particular attention to the relationship between exercise and rest, so as to avoid overwork and aggravate the disease.

How to rest and exercise properly in patients with chronic nephritis?

A protective measure of the body during rest. It is also one of the most important measures for treatment and rehabilitation. Basically all patients with nephritis need rest, and the way and time of rest depends on the condition of the disease. It is based on the recovery of several common clinical manifestations of nephritis.

In the early stage of acute glomerulonephritis or in the patient with moderate edema, oliguria and naked hematuria, dizziness, headache, vomiting, symptoms of blood pressure rise, panic, shortness of breath, Symptoms such as cough and other abnormal manifestations of laboratory examination, such as poor renal function, indicate that the patient is in a serious state of illness, then he should rest absolutely in bed to prevent the further deterioration of the condition.

At the same time, symptomatic treatment is needed. After the symptoms are improved, they can get out of bed, take a walk, and gradually increase their activity after symptoms disappear completely. But rest is the main activity and activity can not be excessive. General acute nephritis patients should not rest for less than 3 months. Chronic nephritis patients disappeared in the above symptoms, renal function tests can be normal after a lighter work, appropriate to participate in some physical exercise to enhance the body's disease prevention and disease resistance, but to avoid excessive manual labor, and pay attention to regular Urine routine and renal function tests.

At the same time, experts also point out that rest does not mean the same as lying. It is also very necessary to do some activities properly. To a certain extent, it can also enhance the physical quality of patients with nephritis. Therefore, the patients with nephritis can arrange their daily life reasonably, which is an important guarantee for the treatment of nephritis.

If patients with chronic glomerulonephritis have reasonable rest and exercise, proper exercise can enhance their physique and body resistance, but excessive exercise will make their body tired, which will be unfavorable to the recovery of disease.

Keep bed rest in the following situations: when there is moderate or severe edema. With moderate and severe hypertension. Have gross hematuria or oliguria. When the erythrocyte sedimentation rate increases faster. Urine protein is above "++". When a lung infection or new dysfunction occurs.

If there is no edema, hypertension, renal function is good, no abnormal urinalysis, stable condition can be relaxed physical exercise, such as walking, yoga and so on. Exercise time according to their own circumstances, without fatigue prevail, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting physical recovery.

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