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Most nephritis is caused by infection

2017-11-23 17:34

In winter, people with upper respiratory tract infections will increase. And upper respiratory tract infection, such as tonsillitis, etc., it is easy to make nephritis repeated or aggravated. For chronic nephritis, infection is one of the reasons leading to repeated illness.

Most nephritis is caused by infection

Although timely treatment, most patients can improve, but each time the aggravation of the disease will cause certain damage to the kidney, with the passage of time, the disease repeatedly, eventually forming the possibility of chronic renal failure. Therefore, we must pay attention to the recurrence or aggravation of nephritis in winter.

In the cold, the virus invades the body, the body recognizes these foreign things, mobilization of the immune system to produce antibodies, when antibodies and antigen binding to form immune complex. Although the antigen can be eliminated, but the immune complex will also run with the blood circulation to the kidney, deposited into the kidney tissue, leading to inflammatory cell infiltration, induced inflammatory response, thereby causing nephritis.

Got nephritis, the most typical symptom is swelling, pain etc.. Acute nephritis in the near future there will be obvious edema, usually after two weeks after the cold, backache, eyelid swelling, swollen legs and other symptoms; if it is acute attack of chronic nephritis, will be in about two or three days after the cold will appear symptoms.

Many people just have a cold, will not go to the hospital treatment, eat some cold and antibiotics, antibiotics is not panacea, it can both cure disease, also can cause disease. Antibiotic itself causes allergic reactions, leading to many important organs such as liver, kidney and blood system, nervous system damage and many other adverse reactions, leading to nephritis.

It is easy to cause bacterial nephritis, bacterial infection is mainly associated with upper respiratory tract infections, skin infections, fever and so on hemolytic streptococcus infection, bacterial infections like other causes diplococcus staph infections, pneumonia, typhoid bacillus infection is caused by inflammation of the kidney.

Nephritis caused by viral infection, virus can directly invade renal tissue, but also can be immune to the immune complex caused by the virus antigen.

Some parasites, biological toxins invasion, drugs, heavy metals, endogenous antigens, malignant tumors, benign tumors and so on, can also cause different types of glomerulonephritis.


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