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Does chronic nephritis pregnancy will increase the burden of

2017-11-20 17:58

For young women with chronic nephritis patients, whether or not can be pregnant is that they have been worried about the problem, many doctors do not recommend patients with children, mainly due to high risk during pregnancy, kidney burden will increase, may affect maternal and child safety. So chronic nephritis patients can not be pregnant?

Does chronic nephritis pregnancy will increase the burden of the kidney? Which situation should not be pregnant?

In general, chronic nephritis patients can pregnancy, this depends on the patient's condition. Many patients with chronic nephritis recovered well, stable, and in the corresponding years without recurrence, renal function did not continue to deteriorate, basically does not affect fertility. If the condition of patients with chronic nephritis has not been relieved, there are high blood pressure, a large number of proteinuria, edema and other symptoms, it is best not to consider.

Chronic nephritis can pregnancy problem depends on the renal function, the best in the condition of stability, withdrawal after consideration, for patients with severe edema, hypertension, a large number of proteinuria and other symptoms should pay attention to, timely treatment is the most critical.

If chronic nephritis patients with high blood pressure, this time is more unfavorable pregnancy, pregnancy is more likely to complicated with pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, easy to cause premature birth and stillbirth, but also easy to cause eclampsia, eclampsia for pregnant women and fetal life threat is also great. Not only that, the patient's own injury will be greater, aggravating illness, nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms.

For chronic nephritis proteinuria more, creatinine or urea nitrogen rise, not pregnant, it is easy to aggravate the disease. When the condition is stable and the urine protein disappears or the amount of urine can be considered.

Chronic nephritis if there is severe edema, renal function damage should not be pregnant, prone to other complications, chronic nephritis patients in the condition of stability, it is best to consider after stopping the drug.

For patients with the above symptoms, first do not consider pregnancy, pregnancy prone to adverse reactions, for children and adults are not good, serious will develop into uremia, etc., need attention. First of all, the standard treatment, timely blocking the development of renal fibrosis process, to avoid further damage to the kidney, protect renal function.


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