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Attention to symptoms of glomerulonephritis

2016-12-27 11:40
In suffering from this disease under glomerulonephritis is not able to ignore the treatment, take timely treatment can achieve early rehabilitation, but a lot of people for glomerulonephritis disease symptoms do not quite understand, in suffering from this disease are often not and when found, often not easy to be found in patients with missed. The best time for treatment, it is easy to delay treatment had the best treatment time under such a situation, together to understand glomerulonephritis symptoms what.
1 hematuria
Hematuria with gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Hematuria is the naked eye can see the hematuria, urine color is wash water meat, turbid and red, some children in urine with blood or blood clots; and microscopic hematuria is only under the microscope can be found, the number of red blood cells per high-power field is greater than 1. Hematuria is the most common symptom of most children with chronic nephritis. Of course, there are many reasons for hematuria, nephritis is only one of them. Therefore, the head of children found unexplained hematuria, should promptly seek medical treatment. According to the doctor's advice to do the relevant examination, if necessary urine routine examination to exclude the possibility of renal hematuria.
2 eyelid edema
Early chronic nephritis is easy to cause the main reason is: the eyelid edema renal excretion of water and adjusting function is damaged, so that water and sodium in children with increasing excess water accumulated in the body of loose tissue, and the eyelid is the loose organization of more parts. Eyelid edema is characterized by obvious morning wake up, decreased activity.
3 increase in the number of bubbles in the urine
Urine foam increased to a small bubble based, and interconnected together, a long time can not disperse, suggesting that children with urine protein, high tension caused by. Of course, this symptom is poor accuracy. If you do not have certain medical knowledge, often overlooked by parents or children. The easiest way is to check the urine of the hospital, in order to exclude the possibility of proteinuria. Because the earliest change of chronic nephritis is urine.
In addition, the general is acute nephritis disease, so patients generally have had chills, fever, and some patients with the body temperature even up to 40 DEG C, patients with chronic nephritis malaise, loss of appetite, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, headache and abdominal pain, blood neutrophils.
After reading this article in a comprehensive introduction, we understand the occurrence of disease glomerulonephritis will have symptoms, of course, to see these related symptoms, to make timely response, to avoid missing the best timing of treatment, treatment effect, early step into renal failure.
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