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Why does Iga nephropathy occur?

2017-10-26 17:29

To understand the etiology of iga kidney disease, people can do a better good job in prevention work, for IGA kidney disease, what should we have to pay attention to? Experts pointed out that IgA kidney disease has become an autoimmune diseases in clinical, it is a special type of kidney disease, the disease will also bring a very serious impact to patients’ daily life and physical health.

Why does iga nephropathy occur?

1, the infection is also a cause of IgA kidney disease: cold, tonsillitis, fever and other naked eye or urinary occult blood, recurrent infection factors, leading to the occurrence of the disease.

2, IgA kidney disease has genetic factors: IgA patients with kidney disease investigation, some IgA patients with renal disease occurs in the phenomenon of family aggregation, indicating that IgA kidney disease has genetic factors in a certain extent,.

3, The patient's renal mesangial cells involved in IgA nephropathy inflammatory reaction: Early inflammatory reaction at the onset of IgA nephropathy, renal glomerular mesangial cells in patients with inflammatory injury will be stimulated to inflammatory factors, resulting in a large number of immune complexes deposited in patients in the kidney, eventually leading to the occurrence of the disease.

4, The main immune complexes in patients with abnormal precipitation IgA in pathogenic: IgA in vivo glomerular mesangial area in patients with nephropathy precipitated a lot of immune complex material, which is the main immune complexes of IgA in glomerular mesangial cells and IgA nephropathy with high affinity, both can cause renal cells trans differentiation caused disease.

Through the introduction of the above, we should have a clear understanding of the cause of Iga kidney disease, we must pay attention to it. Finally, we remind everyone, take preventive measures in daily life, if once the body have abnormal performance, you should immediately go to the regular hospital for treatment, so as not to bring more damage to the body and life. I wish you good health.


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