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Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy

2017-09-04 17:24

Diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy is suggested to take active and effective measures to prevent the progression of the disease. The diet is a very important aspect, now let us take a look at diet nursing stage of diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy patients with the experts.
  Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy first: diabetic nephropathy should adjust the number of meals after pregnancy,
 Gastroparesis should eat less per meal, increase the number of meals. the daily 3 small meals is pided into 6-7 , in the morning, noon, afternoon, before going to sleep between meals,arrange 2-3 snacks between meals to reduce postprandial hyperglycemia, and avoid hunger before meals.
  Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy second: adjustment of food status in patients with gestational diabetic nephropathy
 Gastric emptying of solid food stalls light, a blocked liquid food is more obvious. Therefore, the best dietary collocation solid food homogenization, or eat liquid food, when necessary even completely rely on liquid food, which helps improve gastrointestinal symptoms and blood glucose control.
  Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy Third:adjustment of food composition in patients with gestational diabetic nephropathy
  Patients with diabetic gastroparesis, digestive hypokinesia, gastric emptying has been extended, so it is necessary to reduce the content of fiber digestion of food, some rich vegetable cellulose (such as celery, cabbage and potato), although reduced postprandial blood glucose, but prone to gastrointestinal reaction, therefore not in patients with diabetic gastroparesis eat more.
  Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy fourth: diet care of other complications of diabetes.
  With kidney disease, you should control the daily intake of protein, while avoiding high potassium foods; If accompanied by diarrhea, you should limit the crude fiber of vegetables and fruits, eat less residue, easy to digest food, avoid fried excitant food; If with Peripheralneuropathy, you should eat brown rice, beans and other rich in vitamins B food.
 The above is about the pregnancy diet nursing methods in patients with diabetic nephropathy. Each patient will have different needs in different condition and different diet nursing.if necessary, please consult your physician, or contact our online experts we will develop a reasonable solution for your diet.

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