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How does kidney patients treat themselves?

2017-08-14 19:47

Chinese medicine believed that the deficiency of the body Qi is the basic cause of the onset of kidney disease. The main reason for the lack of physical fitness is the diet is not control, living disorders and excessive exertions caused by three aspects of blood caused by irregular. So how should nephrotic patients treat themselves?

Adhere to exercise, the body strong, in order to keep the muscles, Shujin active, smooth blood, enhance their resistance, is conducive to kidney health. Running, qigong, playing tai chi are the way to exercise the body.

Life should be regular, do not often stay up all night, choose some suitable for their own exercise, appropriate rest, not only can enhance kidney function, but also help the lungs to breathe, prevent a variety of chronic respiratory diseases.

Learn to massage, often massage the body acupuncture points, so that blood is smooth, context active, is conducive to protect the kidney function. Massage Dan and Mo Yongquan are good for the kidney.

The above is the method of self treatment for patients with kidney disease, for reference only. Chinese medicine believe that kidney disease is mainly due to poisonous evil caused by the human body, so only when the toxin is removed,the kidney function will be restored.  The treatment of kidney disease in our hospital is detoxification therapy, treatment of nephropathy for wet, cloud, sputum, stasis for a special effect of "detoxification treatment." If there is a problem with kidney disease, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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