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What treatment does IgA nephrosis have at grade two?

2017-08-08 17:06
IgA nephrosis can be said to be a chronic kidney disease, so that, for this kidney disease, we must actively treat, or if laissez-faire, it will become more serious, and even threaten our lives today Specifically to introduce some of the iga IgA nephrosis on the two treatment methods, we hope to help.
IgA nephrosis secondary treatment
IgA nephrosis secondary treatment: traditional Chinese medicine conditioning
We all know that Chinese medicine is the quintessence of our country, since ancient times, the cure case is very much, so that once we have some physical illness, choose to use Chinese medicine to conditioning, is the most appropriate, on the one hand can To achieve the effect of healing, on the other hand for our body side effects are very small, or even non-existent, so that for IgA nephrosis secondary, not very serious, we can choose to use traditional Chinese medicine to conditioning.
IgA nephrosis secondary treatment: Western medicine treatment
Of course, some friends may think that traditional Chinese medicine treatment for a long time, can not be long-term adherence, this time we can also use Western medicine for treatment, the choice of Western medicine as much as possible to select some of their resistance to drugs, but this drug generally contains Hormones, so that once the withdrawal may be the recurrence of the situation, each person according to their actual situation to choose the most suitable for their own.
Above these are about IgA nephrosis two treatment methods, regardless of the choice of traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine worth mentioning, the ultimate goal is to treat our kidney disease, of course, we can also combine some diuretic drugs, the only way to fundamentally add a kidney disease Control and treatment, the negative effect of Western medicine on the human body is very large, so this time it is recommended to try to use traditional Chinese medicine to carry out conditioning.

What treatment does IgA nephrosis have at grade two

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