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What is the best treatment for Iga nephropathy?

2017-08-04 17:40
What is the best treatment for Iga nephropathy? Hormones have a certain degree of harm to the human body, try not to use hormones and other immunosuppressive agents to control the renal tissue inflammatory response, reduce the side effects of hormone production. The following is an introduction of the best treatment for Iga nephropathy.
For the treatment of Iga nephropathy should not be completely Western medicine treatment, because Western medicine in the control of inflammatory response has its limitations, and can not completely and thoroughly cause the inflammatory reaction of toxic substances cleared; the most important thing is that Western medicine can not restore the injured glomerulus to normal. Traditional Chinese medicine has a good effect for the treatment of IgA nephropathy, but its treatment effect is very slow. And traditional Chinese medicine active molecules are generally larger and can not be absorbed by the body easily, followed by lower efficacy. Therefore Iga kidney disease in the course of treatment, according to their own situation with the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, treat the disease. Western medicine is quick, and traditional Chinese medicine can completely remove toxins of body, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine can achieve complement, so as to achieve the best therapeutic effect.
In addition, Iga nephropathy in the treatment process, but also should pay attention to the daily diet, eat light food; according to physical condition, take regular exercise; maintain an optimistic attitude, face to the disease actively, cooperate with the treatment; at the same time pay attention to keep good living habits, to avoid a variety of infections, and the occurrence of the disease.
What is the best treatment for Iga nephropathy? The above is a detailed introduction, for your reference only, the specific treatment shouldd be determined according to the patient's own situation. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What is the best treatment for Iga nephropathy

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