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What is the treatment of chronic Iga nephritis?

2017-08-04 17:37
Chronic Iga nephritis patients mostly don’t have obvious clinical hematuria, and don’t take routine urine test and were neglected, some patients with Iga nephritis in the clinical have symptoms of persistent healing after chronic renal failure; there are some patients with Iga nephritis first diagnosis, have kidney damage and high blood pressure. Chronic Iga nephritis treatment and general chronic nephritis similar to the main goal is to protect and stabilize renal function, reduce serum creatinine and urea levels, delay the progression of the disease; delay time of dialysis for Iga nephritis patients.
Chronic Iga nephritis treatment, in addition to control of high blood pressure, should limit intake of protein and phosphorus in the diet appropriately. Like other chronic glomerulonephritis, antihypertensive therapy can prevent secondary damage to the kidneys. In addition, Iga nephritis patients should pay attention to the daily diet, control intake of protein, to maintain a healthy eating habits, diet should be in strict accordance with the doctor's request, inhibit the development of the disease.
What is the treatment of chronic Iga nephritis? Chinese medicine believes that The chronic prolonged stage should be mainly based on tonifying kidney and nourishing yin, when hematuria and hematuria are the main performance, should tonify Qi and nourishing kidney, tonic temper at the same time, nourishing liver.
What are the treatment of chronic Iga nephritis? The above is a detailed introduction of the treatment of chronic Iga nephritis, the specific chose of treatment should be determined according to the patient's own situation, choose the most appropriate treatment to achieve the best therapeutic effect, to avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

What is the treatment of chronic Iga nephritis

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