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Occult nephritis why always permanently?

2017-07-12 17:11
Latent nephritis is one of the most common and frequent renal diseases. It is a headache for the patient. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as improper treatment and noncompliance with doctor's advice. Let's take a look at it in detail.
Occult nephritis why always permanently?
Reason 1, illness delay
Patient delay is a major cause. Occult nephritis if delayed too long, there will be a variety of complications, such as renal parenchymal damage, a variety of blood system abnormalities, cardiovascular complications.
Reason 2 , improper treatment
At present, there are many ways to treat latent nephritis. The traditional methods include medicine, hormone and diuretic. Although these methods can alleviate symptoms, but can not fundamentally solve the damaged kidney cells, palliative.
Reason 3, not to follow the doctor's advice
Noncompliance is also an important reason. The treatment of occult nephritis have a certain process, but many patients found during the treatment of occult nephritis symptoms disappeared, was recovered spontaneously to stop treatment, quickly no radical occult nephritis will come back.
Reason 4, etiology induced
Occult nephritis is permanently, because patients do not avoid the cause of occult nephritis recurrence. There are many causes of latent nephritis, both external and internal. We are not about the genetic factors, but the external cause is that we should try to avoid the improper diet, overwork, stress, emotional stress, cold have a fever, or big events are unable to regulate their own emotions as the cause of suffering from occult nephritis.
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Occult nephritis why always permanently

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