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What are the foods for chronic nephritis?

2017-06-15 14:47

Chronic nephritis is a chronic disease, which is associated with our daily diet. Therefore, these patients choose to eat every day into the stomach. Although many food is delicious, to meet our mourning, but friends with chronic nephritis must not be greedy. So, what are the foods for chronic nephritis? Today, Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital experts together to learn more about this information.

Chronic nephritis destroys kidney function, metabolic capacity loss or reduction requires dietary adjustment. What are the foods for chronic nephritis? Some daily diet is no longer adapt to the patient's condition, need to be corrected to avoid aggravating the patient's kidney burden, and affect the condition.

What are the foods for chronic nephritis? Chronic nephritis food to follow some of the principles of chronic nephritis diet principles: high quality low protein, low salt, low phosphorus, low animal fat, low potassium, high calorie diet principle. Among them, high-quality low-protein diet:

⑴ high bio-potency of high-quality protein-based. For example: eggs, lean meat, milk, etc., should account for more than 60%, as much as possible to eat foods rich in vegetable protein. (Attached: high quality low protein content: 1 egg white ≈ 6 grams of protein, 1 two (50 grams) lean meat ≈ 10 grams of protein, 100 grams of milk ≈ 3 grams of protein.

⑵ low-salt diet: for swollen patients with its drinking water and sodium intake should be based on the degree of swelling of the patient, the amount of urine, the daily weight changes, serum sodium content, blood pressure, cardiopulmonary function has a specific formulation of doctors, To standard.

⑶ low animal fat diet: kidney disease patients to promote the application of polyunsaturated fatty acids rich in vegetable oil, fish oil and so on.

⑷ low potassium diet: into the stage of renal failure, high potassium or high potassium patients should be low potassium diet, to prevent high potassium on the nerve, muscle system and even adverse effects on the heart, life-threatening.

Remember the same advice with the experts, manage their daily life diet healthy, away from chronic nephritis disease.

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