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The body appears four symptoms alert nephritis upper body

2017-06-15 14:45

Tongshan Tong Chinese medicine hospital explained that nephritis is mediated by the immune, inflammatory mediators (such as complement, cytokines, reactive oxygen species, etc.) involved, and finally lead to renal tissue changes in inflammatory tissue, causing varying degrees of renal dysfunction in a group of kidneys Disease, can be caused by a variety of causes. In the chronic process there are also non-immune, noninflammatory mechanisms involved. So when the arrival of nephritis will be what symptoms?

One, edema

Nephritis symptoms will have eyelids, lower limbs, face, edema, the patient's urine also contains a lot of foam, and early symptoms of nephritis patients with abnormal urine, dysuria also with pain, increased urination at night. We also know that edema is caused by kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome. Urinary protein increases, resulting in increased urinary foam.

Second, early symptoms

Most patients have a history of pioneer infection one month before the onset, such as suppurative tonsillitis, sudden onset, high fever, but also recessive slow onset.

Three, onset

More to oliguria began, or gradually oliguria, or even anuria. Can be accompanied by gross hematuria, duration ranging from microscopic hematuria persistence, urine changes and acute glomerulonephritis is basically the same.

Four anemia

The disease patients often appear symptoms of anemia of nephritis, and prompted the kidney has a certain degree of damage. When the renal function is decreased, the patient often symptoms of digestive diseases, such as nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Therefore, the patient found that these symptoms should be timely when the inspection, check the renal function. Timely treatment of the disease, to prevent the disease deepened.

Through the same Tong Tong Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts talk about the four symptoms of nephritis, friends must be vigilant, there are four symptoms, vigilance nephritis upper body.

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