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Nephritis patients to guard against the development of uremi

2016-12-26 15:18
Glomerulonephritis, referred to as nephritis, is the most common and serious type of kidney disease. Many diseases can cause nephritis, different causes, different treatment. So, how can we effectively prevent and cure nephritis, to prevent the development of uremia? The key is to identify the cause of the early, accurate judgement of the disease, active and effective treatment, long-term regular follow-up.
1 as soon as possible to clarify the cause
Nephritis is divided into primary and secondary two categories, a large number of proteinuria called nephrotic syndrome. Primary glomerulonephritis refers to the inflammation of the glomerulus itself, divided into two kinds of acute and chronic, chronic nephritis is also divided into various pathological types, IgA nephropathy is the most common. Secondary nephritis refers to other parts of the body caused by nephritis. Almost all diseases of the body can cause nephritis, and kidney disease is often the most important factor to determine the severity of the disease, such as systemic lupus erythematosus and vasculitis. To find the cause, we must fully understand the various manifestations of the disease, targeted screening, necessary for renal biopsy, sometimes miss a very small details, will lead to wrong diagnosis, delayed treatment of the disaster.
2 to judge the severity of the disease.
The specific cause must also accurately judge the severity of the disease, including the basis of the degree of proteinuria and hematuria, with or without hypertension and impaired renal function, and often the most important is to change the degree of renal biopsy, such as IgA nephropathy and lupus nephritis can according to the degree of pathological changes is divided into several subtypes, the treatment of sub mainly according to the pathology type. Therefore, renal puncture for the diagnosis of nephritis, determine the disease and determine the treatment plan is very important. When systemic lupus erythematosus appears proteinuria, hematuria or abnormal renal function, almost all need renal puncture, because it can directly reflect the nature and extent of renal lesions.
3 active and effective treatment
The mechanism of nephritis is that part of the early stages of the disease played a major role in the immune inflammation, therefore to inhibit inflammation, can choose appropriate drugs and disease lesions in different degrees, including hormones and immunosuppressive agents. Mention hormones, we all know that it has a lot of side effects, so doctors in order to accurately understand the condition before deciding whether to use hormones and dosage and time to achieve the best efficacy and minimal side effects. Some types of some diseases and some diseases with hormone effect is not good, still need to add other immunosuppressive drugs, these drugs more varieties, in recent years the new drugs, but have certain side effects.
In the occurrence and development of nephritis there are many factors play an important role, the need to use a variety of drugs, scientific diet control, appropriate exercise and other methods to control the disease from all aspects. Only in this way can we get the best therapeutic effect.
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