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Why many patients with chronic glomerulonephritis asymptomat

2016-12-26 15:12
Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, often found in physical examination inadvertently. Early without any symptoms, so many patients with nephritis missed the best period of early treatment. Below we ask experts to explain why a lot of patients with chronic glomerulonephritis asymptomatic problem. A common type of kidney disease is nephritis, from the surface of nephritis refers to the kidney has an inflammatory reaction. However, unlike ordinary inflammation, nephritis is an immune disease, renal pathological damage occurred, the need for timely repair. And experts say nephritis is easy to be ignored, early symptoms are generally relatively mild, many patients because the discovery is too late or not found enough attention to develop uremia, increased the difficulty of treatment.
How to discover nephritis early, avoid to develop for uremia?
1 chronic nephritis is very hidden. Each kidney is composed of about 1000000 renal units, each kidney units have a strong ability to work, one can replace 3 to 4 glomerular glomerular workload, so when the number reached more than half of the glomerular damage, will show symptoms. The nephron is renewable, the number of damage will be less and less, showing no clinical symptoms, renal function had deteriorated imperceptibly, when patients have symptoms for a long time, this condition often has progressed to severe stage.
2 patients do not understand kidney disease knowledge. Many patients know little about kidney disease, and renal disease symptoms are often not specific (degrees of backache, fatigue, edema), easy to ignore. Some people disagree with these symptoms, that is caused by fatigue, rest for a period of time will be fine. Whether it is inadvertently overlooked, disease or indifference, imperceptible in slowly development condition deteriorated, so when the patients had severe symptoms more obvious or the general rest can not be relieved to get medical treatment, disease often has been a considerable degree.
3 early detection of symptoms of nephritis. The early symptoms of nephritis is not obvious, the general will be the first patient will show high blood pressure, back pain, fatigue and other phenomena, slowly will have edema, proteinuria, hematuria and other symptoms, experts warn if these symptoms occur, to early detection of nephritis. Early diagnosis lacked sensitive indicators. At present, the method of examination of renal function have certain limitations, especially for the diagnosis of early kidney disease, noninvasive invasive examination is not sensitive enough, because there is a certain risk, patients are often reluctant to accept.
4 clear cause of nephritis to make accurate diagnosis. Experts say a lot of nephritis reasons, especially some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, infection, drugs can cause nephritis, almost body each system disease can cause nephritis. Long life irregular, improper diet, cold and so will cause nephritis.
5 timely and standardized treatment. Each nephritis patient's condition is different, must according to different patient symptom table, carries on the standard treatment.
Experts remind everyone, once unexplained pain, backache, fatigue, edema, should be promptly to the hospital to consult a doctor. To do early detection and early treatment, in the physical examination found proteinuria, hematuria should pay attention to. Urine bubble increased, urine volume decreased sharply, urine volume suddenly increased, should be checked as soon as possible urine routine, renal function
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