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How many kinds of symptoms are there in early stage of chronic nephritis?

2017-06-04 09:35

How many kinds of symptom does chronic nephritis have in the early days? Chronic nephritis is a relatively long treatment of nephritis, patients need to be treated at the time of patience, chronic nephritis early symptoms of several types? Look at the experts Qingdao Jing Kang kidney disease hospital is how to answer.

How many kinds of symptom does chronic nephritis have in the early days? 1, the increase in urine foam, the patient's urine foam increased, mainly to smaller foam, and connected together, for a long time can not be dispersed. This situation is prompted by urinary protein, higher tension caused by. Patients need to go to the hospital to check the urine to exclude the possibility of albuminuria.

2, eyelid swelling. Because of water excretion in patients with kidney and regulating function is damaged, causing water and sodium in patients increased, whereas excess water accumulated in the body of loose tissue, and the eyelid is the loose organization of more parts, to wake up in the morning, after the decline.

3, hematuria. Patients with chronic nephritis disease prone to hematuria, symptoms are pided into gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Among them, the gross hematuria is visible hematuria, urine color is washed meat, water samples, turbid and red. Microscopically, hematuria can be seen only under a microscope. The red blood cell count is greater than 1 per high-power field of view.

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