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Why there will be pain in patients with chronic nephritis

2017-06-04 09:29

Why do patients with chronic nephritis there will be pain? In daily life and work, people's posture, weight and movement are centered around the waist. Why do patients with chronic nephritis there will be pain? Look at the following experts Qingdao kidney disease hospital is how to explain Jing Kang.

Why do patients with chronic nephritis there will be pain? Kidney disease patients often have low back pain (kidney area pain) symptoms, so many people think that low back pain must be kidney problems, and no low back pain will not be kidney disease. This is not so.

Does the patient have low back pain? Is there any pain in the kidney?. Each has two kidneys, located on both sides of the spine of the body, shaped like broad beans. Normal adult kidneys are 10~12 cm long, 5~6 cm wide, 3~4 cm thick, and each kidney has a mass of 120~150 grams. The kidney is located in the upper back of the abdominal cavity and anterior to the ventral posterior wall. The upper part of the right kidney is adjacent to the liver, and the position is about 1.5 cm lower than the left kidney. Thin people because of abdominal muscle relaxation, forced inspiratory, the doctor can use the double abdominal double diagnostic method, touch the right kidney lower pole.

Many people often feel low back pain, they think it is a kidney problem, fear of uremia. In fact, the position of the waist is lower than that of the kidney, so it is not always a kidney problem, but it is more likely to be caused by lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and gynecological diseases. So, if you feel low back pain, you can go to the hospital and ask the doctor for an examination to determine whether it is a pain in the kidney area, so as to avoid unnecessary psychological burden.

But the kidney region pain (lumbago) can also be caused by other causes, such as lumbar muscle strain, lumbar spine bone hyperplasia, lumbar sprain, pelvic infection and so on. On the other hand, some patients with kidney disease do not suffer from low back pain. Because kidney disease can be very hidden, in the early stage of kidney disease can not have any symptoms, and when symptoms are obvious, the condition is already very serious. In fact, most of the patients with acute or chronic nephritis and nephrotic syndrome have only slight lumbar discomfort and have a slight lumbar pain, and rarely have severe low back pain

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