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Suffering from glomerulonephritis, should pay attention to what matters?

2017-06-01 11:50

Do not over limit salt We know that salt is essential ingredients in the human body, long-term do not eat salt can lead to electrolyte disorders, such as hyponatremia, etc., adverse to the body. The problem of kidney cancer patients to do a specific analysis, no matter what kind of nephritis, absolute quit salt are wrong. When the patient has obvious edema or increased blood pressure, should be considered to reduce the intake of salt, so as not to increase water and sodium retention.

Do not over-supplement the plant protein for nephritis patient protein intake, according to the different conditions have increased or decreased. When the patient's urine excreted a lot of protein, and hypoproteinemia, should be a corresponding increase in the intake of meat, such as meat, fish, eggs, etc .; but too much protein intake will increase the burden on the kidneys Aggravated.

In daily life, with plant protein and more frequently eat: beans (including soy products), containing plant protein up, should be listed as not eat the list, especially for patients with renal insufficiency; face (Including noodles), plant protein content is also a lot, Eat better; rice, with less plant protein, optional staple food, but not more; potato, mainly starch, containing high heat and protein is relatively low , Suitable for nephritis patients eat, such as potatoes, yam, taro, lotus root, water chestnuts, pumpkin, fans, lotus root starch and so on.


Do not over-exercise and do not move too much exercise or activity, will increase the body fatigue, increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in increased nephritis or nephritis recurrence. In addition, talk about "static" problem. Blindly stressed that bed rest, will make patients gradually lose their ability and fun, and even lead to the emergence of some complications, such as the formation of venous thrombosis.

Reasonable principle should be: static is the foundation, including the rest of the body and psychological balance; move is auxiliary, should be the degree of nephritis, choose to participate in appropriate style and social activities. So, the patient's physical and mental balance, which is conducive to the treatment of nephritis and the recovery of the disease.

Do not abuse drugs, abuse "seek medical" kidney is the body's excretion of organs, intake of various substances in the body (including drugs) and their metabolites, and more from the kidneys excreted. There are many drugs with nephrotoxicity, if not thinking, without choice, trustworthy swim, hearsay and chaos medication, it is possible to get nephritis patients without treatment, and because of the side effects of drugs to make the disease worse. The following are the same as the "

Appropriate to add clothes with nephritis patients, the body immunity decreased, defensive ability weakened, often in the weather changes, loss of self-protection, leading to the emergence of cold or throat inflammation, worse.

Therefore, with the weather and climate change, consciously adjust the clothing is very important. Do not be afraid of trouble, do not have to "wear a dense will be able to prevent the cold," the wrong idea. "Three points hunger and seven points cold," this folk child care advice, for too much attention to self-protection of nephritis patients may also be worth thinking about the proposal.

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