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Acute nephritis diet to avoid food

2017-05-29 11:00

Acute nephritis is a self-limiting disease, the general prognosis is good, as long as the timely removal of the cause, supplemented by appropriate treatment, can be fully restored to health. Even so, but the acute nephritis patients during the onset of the diet is also very critical. Health experts said that patients should be closely combined with changes in condition, modify the diet formula, only to the stability and recovery of the disease. Here, let us go to understand the taboo of acute nephritis diet.

Taboo irritating food: wine, tea, coffee; all kinds of spicy condiments such as onions, ginger, garlic, curry, mustard, pepper; all kinds of spices and volatile oil such as leek, fennel, celery, The

Do not eat spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, etc., as well as beans and soy products, animal offal and strong chicken soup, broth and so on. Do not eat fried food. In addition, patients with acute nephritis also prohibit eating high protein containing nuclear protein. If the condition deteriorates, take a fasting measure if necessary.

Acute nephritis early edema and oliguria, should be quit salt and limit the amount of drinking water. When the urine recovery as usual, edema subsided, food can be slightly lighter. Excessive salt and salt are all wrong, should be treated according to the different circumstances of patients.

Treatment of acute nephritis in the case of infection with the case to give enough anti-infective treatment, no infection, the general to not properly. The use of antibiotics to prevent the recurrence of the disease often ineffective.

Acute nephritis treatment should pay attention to the absolute quiet, bed rest, no salt, low protein diet. Maintain and adjust water and electrolyte balance, correct metabolic acidosis.

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