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Chronic nephritis disease should do what inspection project?

2016-12-26 11:56
Chronic nephritis disease should do what inspection project patients often appear acute nephritis, just pay attention to what inspection items. Therefore, it is necessary for patients with chronic nephritis to understand it. To this end I give you sum up the following points, I hope you can bring help.
1, blood routine examination, most of the patients in the early is normal or mild anemia, and white blood cells and platelets are generally normal.
2, dual renal B ultrasound examination, the early size of the kidneys are generally normal, can gradually appear double renal parenchyma echo enhancement and cortical thinning.
3, urine routine examination, the main clinical manifestations of proteinuria or hematuria (severity is not the same, the content is also different), generally in the 1 to 3 g / day, for a large number of urinary protein.
4, renal biopsy, this examination can determine the type of chronic glomerulonephritis cases change, for the disease judgment, treatment and estimation of prognosis have positive significance.
Note the diet of chronic nephritis? People's quality of life is more and more high, the prevalence is increasing, so the diet has become a problem of great concern to people, improper diet can not only alleviate the disease, and may make the condition worse, let's look at the experts should pay attention to disease nephropathy for chronic nephritis diet what do the answer.
1 patients with edema need to limit the intake of salt and water, so as not to aggravate the burden on the kidney.
2 attention to protein intake, excessive protein can cause glomerular sclerosis and other phenomena.
3 avoid eating irritating food, and food containing purine, will cause adverse effects to the kidney.
4 people with high blood pressure, should limit cholesterol containing foods.
5 renal insufficiency should be limited to some pickled, grilled foods containing high potassium, and control protein intake.
6 anemia who can use some rich iron material, such as spinach, peanut, sesame etc..
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