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What are the symptoms of chronic nephritis

2017-05-26 09:31

Typically, occur with chronic nephritis a series of symptoms. The symptoms of chronic nephritis is perse, there are some hidden, some obvious. To introduce the following three kinds of common symptoms of chronic nephritis, for reference. If there is a similar problem, can be diagnosed timely medical treatment, to avoid the delay condition.

Eyelid edema

Early chronic nephritis is easy to cause the main reason is: the eyelid edema renal excretion of water and adjusting function is damaged, so that water and sodium in children with increasing excess water accumulated in the body of loose tissue, and the eyelid is loose tissue more parts. The characteristics of the morning eyelid edema is obvious. After the activity loss.


Have the gross hematuria hematuria hematuria and hematuria under microscope. As can be seen by the naked eye hematuria, urine color is wash water meat, turbid and red, some children in urine with blood or blood clots; and microscopic hematuria is only under the microscope can be found, the number of red blood cells per high-power field more than 1. Most of the children with chronic nephritis hematuria is the most common symptom of patients. Of course, many of the causes of hematuria, nephritis is just one of them. Therefore, parents found that children with unexplained hematuria, should be timely medical treatment. To do the relevant checks according to the doctor's advice, when necessary to do routine urine examination to exclude renal hematuria.

Increased urinary bubble

Foam in urine increased, with smaller bubbles, and are connected together, a long time can not be dispersed, suggesting the protein in the urine of children, due to high tension. Of course, the symptoms of poor accuracy. If you do not have some medical knowledge, parents or children tend to be ignored. The easiest way is to go to hospital to check urine, to eliminate proteinuria. Because chronic nephritis most early change is urine.


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