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Do you know what harm chronic nephritis will produce?

2016-12-26 11:52
Chronic glomerulonephritis referred to as chronic nephritis, proteinuria, hematuria, refers to the basic clinical manifestations of hypertension, edema, onset in different ways, the protracted, the slow progress of pathological changes can be different degrees of renal dysfunction, will eventually develop into a group of glomerular disease in patients with chronic renal failure. Because of the pathological type and disease stage of the disease, the main clinical manifestations are different, the disease performance is diversified. So what are the hazards of chronic nephritis do? Here is a detailed description, I hope you can help.
A chronic nephritis can make the intestinal absorption of calcium decreased, resulting in patients with hypocalcemia. Reduce long-term calcium may cause bone decalcification generally, cramps, osteoporosis, bone pain and other clinical manifestations.
Two, chronic nephritis can cause other complications, such as diabetes, anemia, heart failure, myocardial ischemia and hypertension: effects of hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease may be more serious than the general population, and these patients have increased homocysteine, oxidative stress, lipid metabolism and inflammatory markers increased and abnormal calcium phosphorus metabolism so, vascular remodeling and decreased compliance, promote the formation of atherosclerosis.
Three, due to the characteristics of chronic nephritis and difficult to cure the recurrent patients, and inappropriate medication will accelerate kidney damage, kidney failure and clinical observation of uremic patients is about 50% and the development of chronic nephritis. So chronic nephritis is not good and effective treatment will develop into renal failure and uremia, will greatly increase the difficulty of treatment.
Here we from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine to introduce the pathogenesis of chronic nephritis.
The injury situation work: internal causes, eating disorders, pregnancy, excessive taxation and other factors, can cause the body organs of yin and Yang Qi and blood disorders and healthy energy depletion, thus forming intrinsic basis of pathogenesis of chronic nephritis.
Spleen and kidney weakness: acute nephritis of chronic injury of spleen and kidney, spleen and kidney deficiency is the main cause of the pathogenesis of chronic nephritis. However, in the spleen and kidney, the most critical is the lack of life fire, leading to the emergence of nephritis.
The outside invasion: whether repeated cold or heat, caused by the disease, tonsillitis (pharyngeal tonsil enlargement), suppurative tonsillitis is caused by damp heat or skin boils, can be based on the deficiency of vital qi, causing the Sanjiao obstacle, SHIXIE stop, which can cause edema and external performance proteinuria and hypertension nephritis.
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