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Chronic nephritis is what does not pay attention to the fact

2016-12-26 11:50
When people go to the hospital for examination, found chronic nephritis, feeling very distressed. When you do not pay attention to the disease has been invaded into the human body, which makes patients very unprepared. Now the economic and social development, the symptoms of disease appear more and more, in order to be able to facilitate treatment of chronic nephritis, now remind everyone must pay attention to how chronic nephritis is. In order to effectively control the occurrence of disease, now know what is the cause of chronic nephritis is not too much attention?
1, patients with chronic nephritis were not acute nephritis disease, but occasionally found in the physical examination of hematuria, proteinuria, edema often occurs, and the renal function was intact, after a period of time in the blood pressure increased, hematuria, proteinuria has become increasingly serious, most after the diagnosis is considered chronic nephritis.
2, the patient begins to have acute nephritis disease, did not get good treatment, the condition is more and more serious, cause chronic nephrosis finally.
3 patients had acute nephritis, but through good treatment, nephritis has been cured, because of work pressure, work fatigue, resistance in decline, caused by the recurrence of the disease, and finally transformed into chronic nephritis.
Chronic nephritis is a common kidney disease, great harm, will eventually lead to the occurrence of uremia, so patients should take notice, in addition to chronic nephritis with the doctor for effective treatment, but also need to be controlled in the diet, we would like to invite tongshantang hospital experts to introduce the diet should pay attention to what taboo under the chronic nephritis patients?
1, contain purine high and nitrogen high food restrictions.
In order to reduce the burden on the kidneys, renal cell stimulation should be limited to food, such as spinach, celery, radishes, beans, bean products, sardines and chicken soup, fish soup and broth. Because these foods contain high levels of purine and nitrogen, in poor renal function, its metabolites can not be discharged in time, have a negative impact on renal function.
2, can not eat or high-fat food.
In patients with chronic nephritis, hypertension and anemia symptoms, animal fat of hypertension, anemia is a disadvantage, because fat can aggravate atherosclerosis and inhibit hematopoietic function, so it should not be excessive consumption of patients with chronic nephritis. But chronic nephritis such as no fat intake, the body will become more weak, so in daily life can be replaced by vegetable oil, 60 grams a day or so.
3, plant protein limitations.
Protein intake, depending on the situation of renal function. The patient with oliguria, edema, hypertension and nitrogen retention, daily protein intake, should be controlled at 20-40 grams, in order to reduce the burden on the kidneys, avoid non protein nitrogen accumulation in vivo. Especially the plant protein, containing a large amount of fat Yin alkali, can aggravate the intermediary metabolism of kidney, it should not use beans and soy products as a nutritional supplement. Beans and bean products include soybeans, mung beans, broad beans, soy milk, tofu, etc..
4, can not eat high salt diet.
Chronic nephritis edema and blood volume, the relationship between sodium. Every 1 grams of salt, can bring about 110 ml of water, such as salt intake in patients with glomerulonephritis, and urinary function and damage, often aggravate edema symptoms, blood volume increases, resulting in heart failure, so we must limit salt, give low salt diet. Daily salt intake should be controlled below 2-4 grams to waterproof swelling aggravated and increased blood volume, accidents.
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