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Nephritis in early performance is what?

2016-12-31 16:05
What is the early manifestation of nephritis? Early symptoms of nephritis is more complex, early detection of symptoms of nephritis in time for treatment is very important for the prognosis is also very helpful.
Because there were no early nephritis and other symptoms of the disease varies, the symptoms of patients with nephritis and other symptoms of early nephropathy had little difference, such as fatigue, will appear powerless, waist pain, eye face position and facial and foot swelling appears, so that patients feel uncomfortable, must be timely medical treatment, do not the delay to the hospital must do routine urine examination, to identify pathogens.
About 1/3 of patients with early nephritis will show headache, memory decline, poor quality sleep problems. At the same time, patients will also appear high blood pressure problems; in addition, patients with early nephritis will appear at night urination frequency and increased urination situation. Most people go to bed if not a large number of drinking water, the general number of urination for 0-1 times, if there are more than 2 times the number of urination cases, it is necessary to check the hospital.
Nephritis is divided into acute nephritis and chronic nephritis. Of the two patients with nephritis usually have relationship with pharyngitis, tonsillitis, respiratory and skin diseases. So, if patients with infectious diseases must go to the hospital for urine examination, to exclude nephritis induced symptoms.
Early nephritis patients if not treated in the middle period, there will be dizzy, anemia, complexion symptoms.
The above is nephritis in the early appearance of what will appear, the problem, the patient must do nephritis care, so as to help the disease. Recommend patients regularly to the hospital for examination, so as to detect the disease.
If we find themselves suffering from a disease, the first thought is to timely treatment, so as not to harm by the disease, but sometimes we don't know much for disease treatment, the effect is not very good, this let everybody worry, in fact we treat but also good self care, here's a look at the self care on chronic nephritis. What are they?
Self protection against infection: nephritis patients, when the body resistance to disease decline, when a variety of infections, nephritis will increase or acute activity. The most common site of infection is the throat and respiratory tract, followed by skin and other parts. Therefore, anti cold, wet, dry, eat less spicy food, pay attention to oral hygiene, keep skin clean, occasionally broken to protect, prevent bacterial invasion.
Handle the relationship between appropriate activities with excessive fatigue, suffering from nephritis, excessive activity will aggravate the condition, such as the change of urine will increase, proteinuria or hematuria increased, after the break is improved or restored to its original level. In principle, normal renal function, should participate in some gentle recreational activities, but there are confrontational movement, or consumption of more physical exercise, it is not so appropriate.
Diet: food has three major nutrients - protein, fat and carbohydrates. One of the major proteins associated with kidney disease is protein. In the kidney kidney disease, high protein load will aggravate glomerulosclerosis, accelerate the decline in renal function. Inadequate intake of malnutrition, reduce the body's disease resistance, on the human body is also detrimental. This is a contradiction: too much protein, adverse to the kidney; protein deficiencies, adverse to the whole body.
Through the above on chronic nephritis self care way what are some explanation, surely we should have more understanding, hope to provide some help, tongshantang hospital experts remind: patients to detect disease after timely to the hospital for treatment, so as to better the treatment of the disease, patients should be actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, make yourself better recovery.
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