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What are the main causes of chronic glomerulonephritis

2016-12-26 11:45
What is the main reason for the formation of chronic nephritis? With chronic nephritis morbidity gradually rise, has become a common disease now threaten our health, and the incidence among men than women, we need to pay attention to it, so the chronic nephritis is generally formed by what causes it?
Patients with chronic nephritis acute nephritis at first, but after treatment, urine, edema is also back, but there are hematuria, proteinuria, lasting more than a year, has become a chronic nephritis. Such cases of chronic nephritis patients found in the survey, accounting for about 10% of the entire chronic nephritis group.
Chronic nephritis patients had a history of acute nephritis. After the treatment of proteinuria, hematuria and other symptoms disappeared completely, you can work a normal life, thought to cure, but the sudden there was a time especially tired, decreased body resistance, coupled with a cold have a fever, oliguria, edema.
Patients with chronic nephritis before never had a history of acute nephritis, physical examination found a little hematuria, proteinuria, occasionally a little edema, but the renal function is still good, blood pressure is not too high or normal blood pressure. Then after a period of time, renal function is not good, high blood pressure, diagnosed as chronic nephritis, after the development of renal failure.
Also through physical examination, found that high blood pressure, not what other, a little red blood cells in urine protein, renal function was good, sometimes almost a little, and no history of nephritis, but also diagnosed with chronic nephritis. Such patients are easily misdiagnosed as hypertension or hypertensive nephropathy.
The above is the expert on chronic nephritis is what causes to do the introduction, if there do not know what the place, can contact our online doctor, we will be based on your specific situation, give you more targeted solutions.
Chronic nephritis for all of us may not know, in fact it is now more and more people will suffer from the disease, there will cause harm to our health, we should timely diagnosis and treatment to the treatment of diseases, of course we also need to pay attention to the daily diet, sometimes eating above is many to note you may know, here's a look at the points of chronic nephritis what diet to understand?
To limit protein, salt and water, oliguria should also limit the high potassium diet according to changes in renal function. Water without limit, drinking orange juice, Watermelon Juice, Orange Juice, fruit and vegetable juice and water, with diuretic swelling. For anemia cases, chronic nephritis diet should choose foods rich in protein and iron, such as animal liver, beef, egg yolk and green leafy vegetables, etc..
In order to control blood pressure, patients should limit the salt of the people, which is one of the chronic nephritis diet note, to pay attention to. According to the condition of giving less salt or salt free diet, even if the blood pressure returned to normal light diet should also be appropriate. Renal dysfunction and serum creatinine increased, should be given a low protein diet, which is conducive to the retention of residual renal function, high protein food to use biological.
Chronic nephritis patients need to develop good eating habits, avoid illness due to improper diet and aggravate. First of all, the diet chronic nephritis note diet should be suitable for hot and cold and cool, the best selection of tepid food. Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. The price of biological protein, such as eggs, milk, meat and so on, to supplement the loss of excretion.
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