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What symptom does nephritis appear early?

2016-12-26 11:44
In general, the symptoms of kidney disease, male sexual dysfunction; female infertility; but often found late, the early show nephritis have what symptom? Understand this knowledge, you can do the timely treatment, the treatment time is very important, if you don't want to miss it, take a look at experts have nephritis showing early symptoms of what?
Edema often begins with the eyelid, serious spread to the body and even pleural effusion and ascites. This is the obvious early symptom of kidney disease but easily overlooked.
Low back pain is an early symptom of kidney disease. Most of them are blunt pain, and surgical conditions can cause severe colic.
Oliguria or non urine every day and night less than 400 ml called oliguria, less than 100 ml called no urine. Much urine. More than 2500 ml per day is called polyuria. Hematuria. The urine contains blood cells, or the laboratory test shows positive occult blood (a plus).
Early signs of kidney disease include poor appetite, weakness, pallor, etc..
Hypertension is one of the manifestations of kidney disease. Frequent micturition, urgency (number) (hold urine), dysuria (voiding and urethral abdominal pain).
More and more chronic nephritis occurs in men, all, male friends must pay attention to. So we need to understand, male chronic nephritis early symptoms of what problems, understanding about male chronic nephritis early symptoms for male patients with chronic nephritis helpful. Let us look at the specific male clinical manifestations of chronic nephritis in the early stage of some of the main performance?.
Male chronic nephritis early symptoms: body surface soft parts will appear edema
Male early chronic nephritis appears edema is mainly due to edema caused by edema characteristics of facial edema is the most obvious. Then start from the face, downward spread to the lower limbs. Sometimes eyelids, hands and feet will have a swelling feeling. The swelling is most chronic nephritis first symptom, first from the face, and then spread to lower limbs, serious eyes, eyes closed, fist, walk have eyelids, palms and feet swelling.
Early symptoms of male chronic nephritis: another symptom of early stage in male patients with chronic nephritis: oliguria and hematuria
Chronic nephritis oliguria and edema is the same, and urine color is relatively deep, daily urine volume not more than 400 ml, individual patients even urine. About 1/3 of patients may have hematuria, urine color that is dark brown, accompanied by nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite and other symptoms of early onset, usually lasts several days or even weeks.
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