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Chronic nephritis in diet matters should understand what?

2016-12-26 11:42
Chronic nephritis in diet matters should understand what? Chronic nephritis in accordance with the pathological manifestations of the disease, nephritis can be divided into acute nephritis and chronic nephritis two kinds. For the treatment of nephritis, comprehensive treatment should be taken to actively treat. So, chronic nephritis in diet matters should know what we listen to the tongshantang hospital nephropathy experts tell.
Pay attention to weather changes, chronic nephritis in life, we should always pay attention to climate change, and indoor clothing should be warm, because the cold can cause renal arteriolar spasm, aggravate renal ischemia and hypoxia, the deterioration of renal function. In addition, chronic nephritis patients pay attention to personal hygiene, keep skin clean, in order to reduce the occurrence of pyoderma.
Attention to diet - to maintain good eating habits, effectively promote the recovery of the disease. In the diet, should control the intake of sodium salts. As both the intake and hypertension in patients with edema of dominant daily sodium does not exceed 3G, another is to strictly control the amount of water, the calculation formula of the total amount of =24 hours: the urine volume 1+500ml, so is your day water intake.
Attention to rest - patients with chronic nephritis should stay in bed during the attack, especially patients with obvious edema or severe condition. Because bed rest, can increase diuresis, can reduce heart failure, hypertensive encephalopathy and other dangerous complications, so as not to cause further deterioration of renal function.
Maintain an optimistic attitude - build confidence and fight against disease. Nephritis long course, lingering, and easy to relapse, doctors and patients have confidence, adherence to treatment, is expected to more.
Avoid infection - prevention of infection is a more important item in the attention of patients with chronic nephritis. Chronic nephritis has repeatedly incurable disease characteristics, and the source of infection is often lead to recurrent, chronic nephritis proteinuria, blood appears repeatedly, and may worsen the culprit.
Once suffering from chronic kidney disease, it is difficult to cure. However, not to say that suffering from chronic kidney disease, the inevitable occurrence of uremia. Early intervention control of chronic kidney disease, to prevent its deterioration progress completely done to. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease is the key to the rehabilitation of patients with chronic kidney disease.
First, we must strengthen early prevention and treatment, to prevent the occurrence of chronic kidney disease. This requires, on their existing kidney disease (such as chronic nephritis) and risk factors (such as proteinuria, hypertension) and the timely and effective treatment, but also may cause secondary damage to kidney diseases (such as diabetes, ventilation, hypertension) and risk factors (such as smoking, hyperlipidemia) in a timely manner effective treatment and control, the interaction of the two aspects, development and prevent the deterioration of chronic kidney disease.
Secondly, delay or even reverse the progression of chronic kidney disease. Specifically, not only to chronic kidney disease on the risk factors for its development, such as hypertension, proteinuria, hematuria, anemia, timely and effective treatment; and the various body systems in the late stages of chronic nephropathy in patients with serious complications, especially cardiovascular complications were prevented, so as to reduce the mortality of renal failure, uremia the rate of patients with chronic kidney disease, to improve the long-term survival rate of purpose. From the clinical practice of prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease, traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment effect is the most significant. On the basis of the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease, the application of Western Medicine on nephrotic symptoms of complications, symptomatic treatment and repair of chronic lesions in patients with nephropathy kidney function combined with the traditional Chinese medicine, in order to achieve the effective treatment of chronic kidney disease is expected to delay the real, can even reverse the deterioration process of chronic kidney disease.
Finally, in view of the incidence of chronic kidney disease - awareness rate is low, you need to mobilize the whole society all the attention caused by chronic kidney disease, everyone should actively prevent and treat chronic kidney disease.
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