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What are the notes of occult glomerulonephritis?

2017-05-10 18:23

Proper exercise, enhance immunity, avoid catching a cold and a variety of infections, such as infection, should actively control the infection.

Should avoid too tired, the patient can go to work normally, but should avoid heavy manual labor

So often and regularly measure blood pressure, urine routine, 24 hours urine protein, renal function and renal ultrasound, real-time detection of their condition, such as disease progression (such as protein increased, hypertension or renal dysfunction, etc.) should be treated actively.

It should avoid the use of any damage to the kidney of the drug, because any disease to the hospital, to tell the doctor that he had kidney disease, to remind doctors not to prescription drugs. Possible renal toxicity

A part of patients with recurrent tonsillitis, acute inflammation in control after tonsillectomy, the patients with gross hematuria had less.

If there is a gross hematuria, bed rest, drinking water as much as possible, keep the above daily urine volume 2000ml, taking Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets and other basic drugs properly.

A young woman with fertility requirements, as far as possible in the premise of stable disease, the kidney specialist risk assessment, early pregnancy, and pregnancy from early regularly to the Department of Nephrology and obstetrics and gynecology clinic examination, the pregnancy process must be monitored closely in the two doctor, late pregnancy should stop work in home to rest.

If there are waist pain, low back pain, increased urine foam, fatigue and other symptoms of patients, intermittent use of traditional Chinese medicine or proprietary Chinese medicine treatment, in order to improve symptoms, enhance physical fitness, but the goal should not be to eliminate hematuria or bleeding

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