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Uremia and dialysis patients, must have hated complications.

2017-04-26 17:28

Both doctors and patients are concerned about these complications, but not much effect. However, there is a simple way to effectively improve the health level of patients with renal failure, but no one to do.

Today, we tell you this way, it is -Oral health

Oral health is an important factor in determining the health outcomes of patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), which is different from other methods of renal protection.

We found that patients with kidney disease have more severe oral diseases than the general population, but do not often use oral health services.

Oral diseases are associated with inflammation and malnutrition, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in dialysis therapy.

Almost all over the world, there is widespread prevalence of dental caries, tooth loss and other dental problems, not only kidney disease, it is also associated with cardiovascular and cancer deaths.

Am J Kidney Dis published a study:

4205 adult patients with long-term hemodialysis in Europe and South America were followed up from 2010 to 2012. Nursing guidelines and personal oral use WHO standard oral examination to assess the patient's oral hygiene, including edentulous, tooth decay, tooth loss, dental visits, brushing, flossing and oral health consultation.

Outcomes were all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality at 12 months after oral assessment. The use of multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression model fitting and sharing to explain the risk of death in clusters in the country.

During a mean follow-up of 22.1 months, a total of 942 deaths occurred, including a total of 477 deaths from cardiovascular causes. Edentulous, rotting teeth, missing teeth or a fraction more than 14 minutes early and all-cause death, and flossing, use rinses slobber mouthwash, brushing your teeth every day for at least 2 minutes at least every 3 months to replace a toothbrush, in the past 6 months have seen a dentist with better survival rate the results are similar, cardiovascular mortality.

The study tells us an important "secret"":

Good oral hygiene can reduce the risk of death in patients with uremia and dialysis, oral health status is not affected by other complications, but also the poor and the rich have nothing to do.

Therefore, poor dental hygiene, such as tooth loss and tooth disease, is associated with a higher mortality rate, especially cardiovascular mortality;

In patients with end-stage renal disease, to effectively prolong the service life, need preventive oral health measures (dental care, dental treatment of traditional Chinese medicine more frequent etc.).

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