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Diet principle of glomerulonephritis

2017-04-26 17:26

Glomerulonephritis diet health

Chronic nephritis

1, protein

According to the degree of renal impairment to determine protein intake, long course of disease, if the kidney damage is not serious, do not have to strictly limit the protein in food, every day should not exceed 0.5g/kg, including more than 50% high quality protein. When the disease is restricted by the disease.

2, limit sodium

Edema and hypertension, should limit salt, 2 ~ 3g/d; severe edema, following control or given 2g/d salt, salt free diet, and regularly check the serum potassium and sodium levels, due to chronic nephritis polyuria or long-term sodium restriction will cause the content of sodium deficiency in vivo.

3, heat

Chronic nephritis, long duration, energy supply to meet the need of activity, due to the limitation of the protein, so make the carbohydrate and fat as the main source of energy. According to 0.15 ~ 0.17MJ (- 40kcal) /kg, the total heat energy is from 9.21 to 10.88MJ (~ 2200 ~ 2600kcal) /d.

4, minerals and vitamins

According to the degree of sodium intake, edema and hypertension exist at the same time, daily limit salt in 3 ~ 4S; edema take 2g/d salt or salt free diet. Vitamin should be fully supplied, pay attention to vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, folic acid, etc.. Anemia should be more vitamin B supplements, iron and folic acid rich foods, such as animal liver and other internal organs, green leafy vegetables, etc..

5, changes in diet principles

Acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis, according to the principles of treatment of acute nephritis diet, a large number of proteinuria, should be treated according to the principles of dietary treatment of nephrotic syndrome. In short, the chronic nephritis should be closely combined with changes in the disease, diet formula, in order to improve the stability and recovery.

The purpose of diet therapy is to reduce the burden of the kidney, eliminate or alleviate the clinical symptoms. Glomerulonephritis type, clinical manifestation of crossed complex, the principle of the diet treatment should be based on the degree of proteinuria and renal function in patients with good to determine, in addition to paying attention to edema, hypertension and other conditions into account patients.

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