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Caries can not be ignored is not timely treatment can lead to nephritis

2017-04-26 17:20

Many parents will think of caries without treatment, will offer anyway. In fact, the idea of parents is not correct, the caries also need treatment, if not timely treatment will lead to nephritis. Why is this? Experts said that children's dental problems should be more attention, because it will not only affect the child's physical development, but also may affect the psychological development of young people.

Children with dental caries can lead to nephritis

Our 5 year old children dental caries prevalence rate of 66%, of which 97% are untreated; 12 year old children's dental caries prevalence rate was 28.9%, 89% untreated. Now many parents think, anyway, is to replace the primary teeth and caries need treatment, this is a very dangerous idea. Do not underestimate children's dental caries, severe, it can cause nephritis, endocarditis and other systemic diseases. There are cases reported at home and abroad. Further development of dental caries can lead to necrosis of the pulp, its harmful metabolites or bacterial toxins may be blood or lymph to other parts of the body, the lower body resistance, can be induced by chronic nephritis, endocarditis and other systemic diseases.

Symptoms of nephritis in children

1) urine change

40%~70% patients with gross hematuria, urine color, such as meat or water samples, such as black tea and soy sauce, about l a continuous turnover of microscopic hematuria. Microscopic hematuria disappeared within 6 months, but also sustainable L ~ 3 years before completely disappeared. The initial onset of urine volume significantly reduced, and even urine (urinary volume of less than 100m1 a day), if more than 3 days without urine indicates that the condition is serious, at this time often appear in the serum (>7.14mmol/L). In the recovery period of the disease, the urine volume can be increased to more than 2000ml, and the renal function can gradually return to normal.

2) proteinuria

Almost all patients of acute nephritis proteinuria, manifested as increased urinary bubble, usually with lesion severity and decrease proteinuria than other symptoms disappeared slowly, edema disappeared, proteinuria still continued from 1 to 2 months or more will be gradually subsided.

3) hypertension

About 80% of patients with acute nephritis may have hypertension, blood pressure was moderately increased, the adult is generally 18.7-22.7kPa/12.0-14.7kPa, occasionally more serious for the development of hypertensive crisis, but diastolic blood pressure is less than 16kPa. If the blood pressure continues to rise, is a precursor to chronic nephritis, indicating a more serious kidney lesions.

4) systemic symptoms

In addition to the clinical manifestation, patients often have body discomfort, fatigue, back pain, frequent micturition, anorexia and other symptoms. Some patients are prodromal infection such as fever, sore throat, skin ulcers and other symptoms.

5) edema

Edema is often the first symptom of onset, seen in 70% to 90% of cases, varying degrees of severity. May only be eyelid edema, serious when can extend to the whole body, some patients will appear in hydrothorax, ascites and other symptoms. Edema generally in 2 ~ 3 weeks began to subside, urine volume will gradually increase.

Family therapy for children with nephritis

Treatment of children with nephritis must be carried out in a timely manner, so the family treatment for them is also very important, let us follow the experts together to understand the treatment of pediatric nephritis.

1 diet. Early to a low salt diet, less urine to low protein diet (control of fish, meat, eggs), eat light food and fruit, avoid fried foods, edema serious when appropriate restrictions to drink too much water. This is a family therapy for children with nephritis.

2 bed rest. The incidence of complications within 2 weeks, should pay attention to rest, there is edema, hypertension should be absolute bed rest, don't let the children watch TV too long, too long to be out of bed activity, the symptoms disappeared, normal urinalysis gradually after appropriate activities.

3 prevention of complications. Parents, such as children found that urine volume continued to decrease, less than 400 ml of urine per day. Shortness of breath, shortness of breath, foam blood sputum, not supine and headache and dizziness, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, the child is worse. Complications, should be immediately sent to hospital for treatment.

4 avoid harmful drugs. Children with nephritis in the acute phase or urine recovered completely before should avoid the use of drugs harmful to the kidney, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, polymyxin, sulfa drugs, these drugs harmful to the kidney, to remind the parents can not abuse drugs. It is also a family therapy for children with nephritis

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