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Does the body swollen mean to suffer from nephritis?

2017-03-31 09:29
Edema is only one of the early symptoms of nephritis, can not be seen that the emergence of edema is suffering from nephritis, but to combine other early symptoms of nephritis, and go to the hospital for comprehensive and detailed examination, so to confirm the condition. The early symptoms of nephritis are as follows:

1, edema: edema is the most obvious symptom of early nephritis, and will always appear in the course of the treatment of nephritis. Nephritis early, patients will only appear eyelids in the morning, ankle edema,But with the development of the disease, the patient gradually appear systemic swelling or persistent swelling,This means that the patient's condition is very serious, and should be targeted immediately to the regular hospital treatment.

2, high blood pressure: Hypertension is also one of the common symptoms of nephritis patients, which is due to kidney damage, will secrete the blood pressure caused by the material, and with the deterioration of the disease, blood pressure is also higher, and ultimately endanger the patient's life.

3, proteinuria: proteinuria is one of the early symptoms of nephritis, mainly in the urine of a large number of bubbles, and lingering. This is because the glomerular filtration and renal tubular reabsorption damage, resulting in a large number of protein can not be absorbed, into the urine, thus forming proteinuria.

4, other symptoms: In addition to the above symptoms, nephritis patients in the early there will be fatigue fatigue, waist pain, reduced urine output, poor quality of sleep and other symptoms.

Above is the body swollen means that suffering from nephritis related to the introduction. Nephritis to your normal life has brought a great impact, but as long as you maintain a good attitude, and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, there is great hope to achieve clinical cure effect. Active treatment is for your early return to normal life, is your family's ardent hope.

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