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Clinical manifestations of chronic nephritis

2017-03-25 13:50

Describe the common symptoms of chronic nephritis

Kidney disease in nephritis is a common chronic nephritis, and is one of the most patients will not pay attention to symptoms of chronic nephritis, so they missed the best timing of treatment, late treatment is very difficult. So we have to understand the symptoms of chronic nephritis in advance, in order to detect the disease. Here are some of the symptoms of chronic nephritis.

Symptoms of chronic nephritis:

1, abnormal urine changes: This is a common manifestation of chronic nephritis symptoms. The change of urine volume was related to the degree of edema and renal function, and the retention of sodium and water in urine and urine.

2, hypertension, anemia: most patients suffering from kidney disease will have high blood pressure and anemia symptoms, blood pressure can be intermittent, continuous blood pressure can not only accelerate the deterioration of renal function, but also can cause myocardial damage. This is also a manifestation of chronic nephritis.

3, edema, low back pain: in most patients with edema is a common symptom, often manifested in the more obvious parts, can lead to severe systemic edema. The patient will feel numbness, pain, fatigue will be more serious. It also belongs to the symptoms of chronic nephritis.

The above content is the symptoms of chronic nephritis, I hope you can understand. As long as they know the symptoms of chronic nephritis, patients can be found in a timely manner, where the disease can be effective treatment. So if you want to cure patients, please pay attention to the symptoms of chronic nephritis. I wish you a speedy recovery.


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