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Achieve Three Points to Treat Chronic Nephritis

2017-03-25 13:49

Treatment of chronic nephritis to achieve three points. Chronic nephritis is a chronic disease, there are many ways to treat chronic nephritis. In addition to the treatment of chronic nephritis with the doctor's treatment, diet health, the national expert consultation center for kidney disease experts also proposed the treatment of chronic nephritis to achieve three points.

Specifically as follows:

1, reduce blood fat

Hyperlipidemia is a phenomenon that occurs in the course of chronic nephritis. The study found that high blood lipid on renal function in patients with chronic nephritis has some damage, so the treatment will change, the treatment of chronic nephritis while also lowering blood lipid, and pay attention to the control of fat in the diet, the blood drop down, to avoid excessive renal injury. However, the treatment of chronic nephritis patients should pay attention to a lot of lipid-lowering drugs also have side effects of liver damage, patients must be careful treatment of friends, so as not to cause serious illness.

2, control of hypertension

Hypertension is one of the symptoms of chronic nephritis, hypertension control is very important for the treatment of chronic nephritis, because the patient's blood pressure may continue to rise, not timely treatment will be dangerous, should strive to control blood pressure in the range of 140/90 mm Hg, therefore, play a decisive role in the effective control of hypertension treatment on chronic nephritis.

3, psychological preparation

Chronic nephritis is a kind of disease that is difficult to cure, its course of disease is long, easy to relapse. Therefore, in the course of treatment of chronic nephritis, the patient must be prepared to fight with the disease for a long time, with strong confidence and determination, closely cooperate with the doctor's treatment. Psychological preparation for the treatment of chronic nephritis is a very important foundation, we must maintain an optimistic attitude, the correct treatment of chronic nephritis.


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