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What are the symptoms of nephritis?

2017-03-23 15:28

Nephritis is bilateral renal inflammatory pathological changes, there are many types of acute nephritis, like (glomerulus) nephritis, chronic nephritis (glomerulus) nephritis, pyelonephritis, occult nephritis, Henoch Schonlein purpura (HSPN), lupus nephritis (LN). For patients, symptoms of nephritis can directly response the body to function is good, because of the persistent refractory chronic nephritis, the pain of patients brought, to timely treatment, the premise is to understand the early symptoms.

1, urine foam increased. How is a small bubble, for a long time can not be dispersed, which means there is a protein found in the urine of patients with, protein leakage is due to glomerular lesions caused by this possibility, it is necessary to pay attention to kidney disease. Therefore, if the occurrence of persistent urine after a long period of foam to be vigilant, should be timely medical treatment to do urine routine, 24 hours urine protein quantitative examination.

2, hematuria. The amount of bleeding for a long time, the naked eye can be perceived as the naked eye hematuria, mostly in children patients; bleeding volume is small, the naked eye can not see, microscopic observation can be found under microscopic hematuria. Clinically, there are many causes of hematuria, but most of them are caused by diseases of urinary organs. If you find that there is an unexplained hematuria must be treated in time, so as not to delay the disease.

3, edema. Patients often appear on the eyelids, facial, ankle and back hip swelling or edema occurred in children; serious water, chest with perineal edema and ascites. Edema of the eyelids in the morning will be more obvious.

4, hypertension. At the onset of some patients with high blood pressure, but also in the course of the onset of high blood pressure, once the blood pressure increased, a persistent, not easy to fall.

5, other symptoms. Such as listlessness, loss of appetite, fatigue, limb soft pale, anemia, chronic renal failure should be considered, should be timely inspection.


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