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Be Identified of Chronic Pyelonephritis and Non Infectious N

2017-03-23 15:05

Chronic pyelonephritis can be pided into hematuria, hypertension and occult according to its clinical manifestations, respectively and other diseases caused by hematuria, hypertension, asymptomatic bacteriuria and phase identification. Through detailed history, observation of kidney and urinary tract symptoms, signs and urine cells, and bacteriological examination again, when necessary for kidney X-ray examination etc.. Non infectious chronic interstitial nephritis of insidious onset, clinical manifestations, urine and kidney function tests similar to chronic pyelonephritis, easily confused.

Characteristics of non infectious chronic interstitial nephritis

1 have a long-term urinary tract obstruction or long-term exposure to renal toxicity history; 2 renal dysfunction; 3 azotemia, but no edema and hypertension; 4 mild proteinuria, further examination of tubular proteinuria; 5 intravenous pyelography revealed bilateral kidney shadow range, irregular shape, can be 6 renal calyceal deformation; map, radionuclide scanning or B Ultrasound imaging showed bilateral renal lesions are not equal.

Differential diagnosis of chronic pyelonephritis

The main manifestations of chronic pyelonephritis with different

The main manifestations of chronic pyelonephritis with different urinary tract irritation, intermittent true bacterial urine; intravenous pyelography had signs of chronic pyelonephritis, rough, focal cortical scars, with adjacent renal calyces blunt or a drumstick deformation. The renal pelvis may also be deformed, with enlarged and stagnant water. If there is still a difficulty in the identification, kidney biopsy may be considered to help diagnose or exclude other chronic kidney disease.

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