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Find kidney "infectious culprit - hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis

2017-03-23 14:49


Huang, due to chronic hepatitis B for 10 years, intermittent severe edema of the lower extremities of the second year, abdominal distension, admission to hospital for 2 months to 3 years. Physical examination: liver disease face, abdominal height swelling, severe edema of lower extremities, shifting dullness positive. Urine routine: pro (+ + +). Alanine aminotransferase 105 units, HBsAg (+), anti -hbc (+). Renal biopsy confirmed: hepatitis B related glomerulonephritis. To protect the liver function, reduce transaminase Western symptomatic treatment. With traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation treatment, a month later, edema subsided, remission, urine routine shows: pro (+), maintained so far, stable condition.

Diagnosis: renal infectious culprit - hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis

Hepatitis B virus associated nephropathy because of hepatitis B virus living in the kidney is called "kidney infectious culprit". Treatment of hepatitis B associated nephropathy focuses on anti HBV therapy, as regards the use of glucocorticoids. The main concern is that glucocorticoid may lead to enhanced replication of the virus, thereby increasing the liver that kidney damage. The antivirus has its advantages, according to TCM appropriate application of traditional Chinese medicine, plus Verbena, snow grass, snow in June, often have a multiplier effect.

Dietary guidance:

For patients with hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis, if careless in the diet, do not pay attention to self care, do not pay attention to taboo, will lead to disease progression.

Forbidden to eat: especially too much meat, fish, crabs, shrimp and sugar. Too much meat in protein and carbohydrates into fat stored in each part of human body, which is also the focus of the liver storage, after a considerable period of time, the body fat, it is bound to the formation of fatty liver, the liver disease burden, promote the deterioration of hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis. You should arrange for a balanced diet persification, especially to self weight control, daily life, the following foods: all kinds of staple food (rice, flour) meat, fresh water products, egg, bean products, vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil, appropriate sugar; eat less animal fat, fried bacon. Whole milk.

Taboo alcohol: alcohol is the main component of ethanol, ethanol can be converted to acetaldehyde in the liver, they have a direct damage to the liver, the liver cells degeneration and necrosis. Hepatitis B patients with liver disease has been associated with liver disease, coupled with drinking can be described as worse, can make the disease accelerated to cirrhosis, and even the direction of liver cancer. Prohibition of hepatitis B patients, abstinence is unconditional, must, liquor, beer in the taboo range, patients can drink at the party situation, mineral water, wine. Hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis patients should unconditionally abstinence (Prohibition), with a history of hepatitis B patients should resolutely quit drinking habits.

Contraindications indiscriminate use of drugs: the liver is the largest organ in the body metabolism, all drugs are decomposition, transformation, detoxification, metabolism in the liver, the indiscriminate use of "metabolic burden hepatoprotectants" will aggravate the liver. In addition, a variety of drugs (Chinese and Western Medicine) composition is complex, the chemical and antagonistic effects between drugs is likely to lead to increased liver damage. The long-term use of the drug itself will also have certain side effects, will eventually produce such as fatty liver, severe cases of drug-induced liver fibrosis or cirrhosis, HBV associated glomerulonephritis patients must be under the guidance of doctors in training standard medication, medication principle is: concise, safe and effective to prevail. You must go to a regular hospital treatment, medication must be conducted under the guidance of specialists in various ads, clinics, clinic medication should be calm, not the best.

The basic diet of hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis patients are nursed back to health through diet balanced structure, also is to make the proportion of intake of fat, sugar, oil, carbohydrate, protein and vitamins and reasonable, in order to promote liver metabolism, improve liver nutrition, regulate immune function, relieve some of the symptoms. To eat more vegetables, fruits, in order to add enough vitamins and cellulose, but also help to promote digestion. Liver function is often affected by fat metabolism, so many patients with hepatitis B associated nephritis will be associated with fatty liver after hepatitis. Therefore, the diet should be low fat, low sugar (too much sugar into the body easily converted into fat), high protein. Protein diets include plant protein and animal protein such as soy, beef, chicken, fish, etc.. Food is harmful to liver disease. Reasonable application of traditional Chinese medicine tonic: hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis patients do not advocate 

the use of ginseng tonic, normal diet can provide enough nutrients. Eating a lot of variety of blind tonic, not necessarily useful.

Life psychological guidance:

There are many misconceptions about hepatitis B in society, not to mention hepatitis B associated glomerulonephritis. Therefore, patients with hepatitis B Related Nephritis often produce panic, inferiority, withdrawn and other emotions, their psychological damage is often greater than the physical damage. Adverse state of mind can affect the body environment of patients with hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis, thereby increasing the severity of the disease. Therefore, patients with hepatitis B associated nephritis should not only actively treat liver and kidney disease, but also to heal the psychological trauma.

We should adopt a rational attitude towards reality, impatient, actively looking for medical treatment, expert consultation and communication, hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis patients should look for normal hospital liver or kidney disease experts, experts for analysis of patients with disease, on the prevention and control measures, guide the living. Patients have problems must consult experts, can not be treated without authorization. All kinds of advertising or hearsay "expert" is not reliable.

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