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Self - treatment of chronic nephritis

2017-03-09 11:13

1, regular referral to the hospital. Chronic nephritis is a chronic disease, the course of lingering, not 35 days of rehabilitation, so regular visits to understand their condition is very necessary, and to preserve their own medical records.

2, try to avoid all kinds of adverse factors, such as fatigue, colds, diarrhea, strenuous exercise, because these adverse factors will aggravate the disease, even to have stable disease at the same time, once the disease, a sudden turn for the worse; in particular when drug use of antibiotics should be more cautious, to tell their doctor is kidney disease patients, such the doctor in the medication when as much as possible to avoid the loss of renal drug use.

3, adhere to medication. Such as a variety of antihypertensive drugs, lipid-lowering drugs, including a specialist to give you designated auxiliary drugs. You may not be able to feel the damage to the kidneys, especially in the short term, but scientific studies have shown that high blood pressure is the "first killer" of kidney damage". Of course, drug abuse or improper use of drugs will also increase the burden on the kidneys.

4, reasonable diet. To avoid high salt, high fat, high protein diet, because it will increase the burden on the kidneys; the therapy under the guidance of a doctor, can adjust immunity, enhance physical fitness, prevention of disease recurrence, the recovery of the disease, and even more.

5, self psychological adjustment. Social pressure, the burden of life, disease ridden will give us tremendous psychological pressure, depression, pessimism will only aggravate the condition. Therefore, we should use a variety of conditions to adjust their psychological balance, to maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood, even when necessary to see a psychiatrist.

6, moderate physical exercise. Sharp, high intensity exercise will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in proteinuria, hematuria or increase the recurrence of the disease; however, in the disease recovery exercise can improve the body's immune system, for the rehabilitation of the disease is to be of great advantage, it is appropriate to take a walk, Tai Chi, eight Jin period etc..

7, to maintain the correct posture. Not sedentary, long standing, and even stay up late playing cards. The kidney is the largest in the supine position when the human body blood flow, so the proper bed is also advantageous.

8, pay attention to self health care. Good health habits not only make us happy, but also to avoid some infectious diseases and infectious diseases.


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