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Edema is nephritis? Nephritis patients should pay attention

2017-03-06 17:30

Nephritis patients often appear edema this situation. Therefore, patients suspected of suffering from nephritis found themselves edema of this situation is often extremely anxious

Worry, that he had nephritis, hurried to the outpatient diagnosis, but in fact, the majority of patients with edema encountered in the clinic. In fact, not suffering from nephritis,

More just sudden edema, suspected of suffering from nephritis patients should understand the specific symptoms of nephritis, nephritis has a slightly deeper understanding of

The correct judgment of their disease, at the same time, to do a good job in daily life care, in order to better cope with nephritis.

Edema is not necessarily nephritis

In the expert outpatient service, often some edema patient comes to see a doctor. Edema occurred, most people think it is suffering from nephritis. In fact, encountered in the outpatient

Swollen ", are not all nephritis, the results of the examination, some idiopathic edema, as well as endocrine diseases caused by edema, and even some are not true

Positive edema. Put some edema in treatment of nephritis, not too?

According to the occurrence of edema, pided into systemic edema and local edema, the causes are different. If systemic edema, with finger press the lower limb, such as

There is depression, known as the pressure of the collapse of the edema, there is no depression that non pressure collapse edema. Depression is also characterized by systemic edema is not a kidney disease, cardiogenic edema, liver source

Edema, malnutrition, edema, premenstrual tension syndrome mild edema, drug-induced edema, idiopathic edema, etc.. As a result, edema,

Don't conjecture, blindly vote. Blind to treatment, resulting in economic waste, delay the illness, but also bring the side effects of drugs.

Symptoms of nephritis:

1, acute onset of acute nephritis and chronic nephritis patients often with pharyngitis and tonsillitis and upper respiratory tract and skin infection. Therefore, when suffering from

Urine routine should be checked for infectious diseases.

2, although the lack of specific symptoms of patients with nephritis, but early fatigue, fatigue, low back pain, eyelid, face, ankle swelling, urinary foam

Multiple, abnormal urine color. Therefore, when these symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital to check urine routine.

3, kidney disease experts pointed out that about 1/3 of patients with nephritis will be elevated blood pressure, the performance of headache, memory loss, poor sleep, etc.. Because of the above symptoms

Doctors also found that patients with elevated blood pressure had to check the urine routine, especially in younger patients.

4, the patients with chronic renal insufficiency may be manifested as the number of nocturnal urination and urinary volume. If a healthy person does not drink plenty of water before going to bed

Micturition or micturition only 1 times, if often nocturnal micturition more than 2 times, should go to the hospital check uric Convention and kidney function.

5, more than moderate chronic renal insufficiency patients often associated with anemia, weakness, dizziness, pale and other symptoms. Anemia patients should pay attention to whether

Chronic renal insufficiency.


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