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Nephropathy diet should pay attention to low salt and low ph

2017-03-06 16:34

Patients with chronic kidney disease due to their own "filtering" function, the need to pay special attention to their diet. We can remember the song "doggerel":

Protein, need to calculate; total calories, to be reasonable; salt or sodium, strict control; potassium and phosphorus, moderate.

For patients with chronic kidney disease, it is important to have a low salt diet. According to the new guidelines published by the WHO, normal adults eat

Salt intake should be less than 5 grams, 3-5 patients with chronic kidney disease should be less than 3 grams of salt per day.

For too many people taking salt should be reduced slowly, such as the first month to adhere to, every day when the salt is reduced to half of the original, for example, like to put 2 spoons

Sub salt, then reduced to 1 spoons. After one or two months to adapt to the changes in taste and then halved, so generally can be achieved. It is important to note that when a doctor tells

After the need for a low salt diet, some patients can strictly follow the doctor's advice diet limit salt, or even a few years unchanged. In fact, it is necessary to change with the disease and the actual situation

Adjust the amount of sodium, can not be static.

In addition to low salt diet, we must keep in mind that the more delicious food, the higher the content of phosphorus and purine, so we eat these foods

Be sure to control the volume. Specifically, the intake of phosphorus: it is recommended that the low phosphorus diet <1000 mg, should be restricted yeast, whole grains, offal, egg yolk, milk, beans

Class and nuts. First boiled meat fried soup to eat fish, which can remove part of phosphorus. Two low purine diet. High purine foods are animal offal

(liver, intestine, kidney and brain), seafood (such as abalone, crab, lobster, salmon, sardines, carp, perch, trout, COD, food, meat (shell)

Cattle, sheep, duck, goose, pigeon), soybean food, lentils, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, soup, cereal, these eat less. Three is to drink

Water, the Black Tea best, 24 hours urine volume reached 2000-2500 ml, to help kidney burden, if the daily urine volume less than 1000 ml of it must be careful

The. Four is the need to limit the intake of potassium in renal failure. Five is to prevent kidney stones, you can eat foods rich in citric acid.

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