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Careful prevention of chronic nephritis

2017-03-02 14:04

Chronic nephritis is a stealth tiger, why is it hidden? Because the onset of chronic nephritis is not easy to make people aware, like an invisible tiger quietly

No, a step by step approach did not find dangerous for you, until you're in it under control, was found to have come too late. Why this

How about the following one for you?.

Chronic nephritis common symptoms in three high and one low at the beginning of the performance is very not obvious, it is not easy to find people, even if that would not think of self

Has been suffering from the disease nephritis. Why is this?

For example, edema, nephritis edema is generally edema of the eyelids, and eye swelling phenomenon probably everyone in the morning after the second day of overtime will get up.

For example, high blood pressure, a part of patients with chronic nephritis is characterized by high blood pressure, as the age of onset in young adults, heart and blood vessels are very good condition

, the ability to compensate is very strong, many people are in a chance to find their high blood pressure, and more people, especially young people, no dizziness, palpitation feeling,

It's not going to take your blood pressure, so the blood pressure is high and I don't know. In addition, there are some patients with high blood pressure is manifested in the late stage of the disease due to kidney

Dysfunction of the viscera showed.

If a few people will be hematuria, proteinuria, hematuria, but these nouns more easily misconstrued. That's because it's actually the case

In reality, people know little about these two kinds of abnormal state, most people think that hematuria is the blood can be seen in urine, and what is the state of proteinuria

It's even more blurred.

There are proteinuria, which in real life, few people pay special attention to their own urine, especially for a lot of people living habits are very good, a small

Put the urine solution after wash, do not leave to observe whether there is no bubble or muddy.

So a lot of people in the absence of knowledge on the suffering from chronic nephritis, after learning that he has suffered from chronic nephritis will find some of their usual life

Subtle change. So chronic nephritis is an invisible tiger, we should pay more attention to.


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