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Watch out! It is easy to eat delicious kidney disease

2017-03-02 13:53

Although soybean is a kind of food is very common, but the effectiveness of many, but you know what? But recent rumors that everyone thinks: This is more fresh green soybean, is actually a sinister business for soybean preservation, with chemical reagents soak it, is it true? With chemical reagents soaked the beans will really become green?

Maodou staining is mainly used in copper sulfate, copper sulfate is also called complex green, easy to absorb water into a blue green solution. Some vendors to make longer edamames or so have lost primaries green beans, with copper sulfate soaking soybeans.

Dyeing soybean what harm the human body?

Experts: the copper sulfate containing a strong stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach burning sensation, severe abdominal cramps and vomiting may occur even jaundice and acute renal failure!

How to pick the beans

Fresh soybean pod is hard, 2~3 beans per pod. The beans are green or green color should be white, translucent bean on a coat wrapped tightly, by pinching the juices flowing. Not fresh beans often soaked in water, if the pods of yellow, pubescence color dark, pod is easy to crack, that is not fresh. When to pick beans, fresh green, pod shaped vastness, is better than the white hair, full of beans is better.

Beans before cooking cleaning must be repeated several times, and pay attention to whether there has been bug bite marks, once to throw away, to prevent hidden inside the bug.

What kind of beans is a good bean?

In the purchase of soybean, how to choose the fresh taste good, suitable for eating peas? First, fresh soybean pod is hard, translucent film wrapped tightly around the beans, beans with pinch gently, juices and outflow, with the color of green or green white.

Secondly, we at the time of purchase, to observe edamames appearance, don't pick the color yellow, not shiny, dark hair edamame, if gently touched, will burst and pod beans and membrane separation of soybean, is not fresh, not suitable for eating beans; if you peel shell pick beans edamame, can be observed as the top as part of the crescent nail color, pale green, that soybean is very delicate, suitable for eating, is black, it must not be selected.

The effect of soybean

When it comes to dietary fiber rich vegetables, most people first thought is celery, but in fact, in the tender in vegetable soybean dietary fiber content up to 4%, while celery fiber content is only 1.2%. Because of this characteristic is rich in dietary fiber, eat beans can help us improve constipation, and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

1 improve the body's metabolism

The fat content of Mao Douzhong was significantly higher than that of other kinds of vegetables, but many of the main unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid necessary to human body, they can improve the metabolism of fat, triglycerides and help reduce cholesterol in human body.


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