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Clinical manifestations of IgA nephropathy

2017-03-02 11:39

Paroxysmal gross hematuria

More common in children. The gross hematuria in upper respiratory tract infection (tonsillitis) after the occurrence of some episodes in acute gastroenteritis or urinary tract infection after the interval of 24 ~ 72 hours. Gross hematuria lasting several hours to several days, and then turn to persistent microscopic hematuria and hematuria disappeared in some patients, but often attack, the attack can reproduce the hematuria, with mild systemic symptoms, such as muscle pain, dysuria, pain in the waist, or a blood pressure and blood urea nitrogen increased.

Microscopic hematuria and asymptomatic proteinuria

This is the main clinical manifestations of IgA nephropathy in children and adolescents, often found in the physical examination, can be manifested as simple microscopic hematuria, or microscopic hematuria with a small amount of proteinuria.


For mild proteinuria, urinary protein quantitative general 1g/24h, a small number of patients may appear a large number of proteinuria and even nephrotic syndrome.

The other part of IgA nephropathy can occur in patients with nephrotic syndrome, acute nephritis syndrome, renal failure, minority can appear waist and / or abdominal pain with hematuria. Factors associated with the prognosis of IGA nephropathy:

1 male patients, the onset of older patients with poor prognosis.

2 persistent microscopic hematuria with proteinuria, poor prognosis.

3 moderate and severe proteinuria often leads to the development of renal insufficiency, and the prognosis is poor. However, IgA nephropathy patients with nephrotic syndrome, if the renal tissue pathological changes slightly, glucocorticoid treatment response, good prognosis.

4.IgA nephropathy patients with hypertension, especially difficult to control severe hypertension, poor prognosis.

5 pregnancy in patients with IgA nephropathy, hypertension and renal dysfunction in patients with IgA nephropathy, pregnancy is generally safe.

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