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Interior decoration how to prevent nephritis?

2017-09-20 17:33


How to prevent nephritis?Indoor pollution caused by the indoor pollution of the main pollutants through the three channels to produce harm: First, directly through the lungs into the blood through the breath, the second is absorbed through the skin into the body, the third is through the pollution of the hands, food and other organic solvent poison Digestive tract into the body.


How to prevent nephritis?People as much as possible to avoid exposure to organic solvent poisons, especially in the interior decoration used in wood-based panels, solvent-based paint, adhesives, interior paint must be selected in line with national standards of environmentally friendly decoration materials.


How to prevent nephritis?Newly renovated housing should pay attention to window ventilation, but pay attention to the time and conditions of ventilation.


How to prevent nephritis? The newly renovated houses or buy furniture must be detected formaldehyde and other pollutants content is consistent with the national indoor environmental pollution control standards, can be assured to stay.


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