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Chinese medicine teaches you three ways to deal with acute n

2017-02-22 15:13

First, heat dampness or detoxification method

Applicable to the patient skin infection or exogenous evidence has been solution, wet heat, may have fever, mouth dry mouth bitter, hi cold drink, urine less color red, edema Thin yellow or yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse number. Commonly used flavors disinfection drink add and subtract.

Second, Qufeng Li water, inside and outside the consumer

Indications: early onset, aversion to cold, evil wind, fever, cough, headache, less urine, body swelling to the waist for the above. Thin white fur, pulse floating or thin. Commonly used prescription for the more servant soup plus five Pi drink add and subtract.

Third, Shufeng heat, cooling blood detoxification

For patients with wind-heat performance: fever, not aversion to cold, often sore throat, urine less color red, naked eye hematuria. Pulse slip or breakdown, red tongue, thin yellow tongue coating. Common prescription for the silver Qiao scattered cicadas, white silkworm, red peony, Dan and so on.

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